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Five decades of end-to-end expertise in pharmaceutical discovery, formulation, manufacturing, and marketing — across Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific.

Dexa means Quality

Our name was inspired by the Greek δέκα, meaning 10 — a universal symbol of perfection. Even today, our work aspires to that same impossible standard. That’s why, for millions of people in 14 countries, Dexa means quality.

Indonesian Modern Herbal Medicines

We identify, extract, and test biomolecules embedded deep in nature. Then, we use these microscopic gems to produce herbal medicines that are extraordinarily safe and effective.

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Latest News

22 May 2023

Dexa Group, BKKBN, Polri, and IBI Collaborate to Achieve Target to Reduce Stunting Rate to 14% by 2024

The 2022 Indonesian Nutritional Status Survey (SSGI) shows that the national prevalence of stunting has decreased to by 2.8% to 21.6% compared to the previous year. Dexa Group collaborates with the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), the Indonesian National Police (Polri), and the Regional Government (Pemda) of Wonosobo…
21 May 2023

Caring for the Health of the Wonosobo Community, Dexa Group collaborates with the Local Government and the National Police to Hold Health Social Services

Dexa Group in collaboration with the Local Government (pemda) of Wonosobo Regency and the Indonesian National Police (Polri), held social services in the form of free health checks and medical treatment and the inauguration of communal latrines. This social service is intended to support and improve the health of the…
17 May 2023

Dexa Group Supports Health Resilience and Self-Sufficiency, Receiving Three Awards from the Ministry of Health

Dexa Group is committed to supporting government programs to increase the use of domestic pharmaceutical products to achieve health resilience and independence. For this reason, the Ministry of Health presented three awards to Dexa Group at the National Forum for Down Streaming and Increasing the Use of Domestic Pharmaceutical Products…
15 May 2023

STIMUNO Wins the 13th Consecutive Top Brand for Kids Award

STIMUNO, as the first phytopharmaca immunomodulator in Indonesia that has been clinically tested, maintains the end-to-end halal production process to provide comfort and safety for all Indonesian families. STIMUNO has also been declared safe by the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM) through letter number B-PW. STIMUNO's positive progress, which…
12 May 2023

Dexa Group with the Army, Dedicated to Achieve Healthy Indonesia

Digital transformation in various sectors, including health services, is experiencing rapid changes, thus becoming an opportunity to create more advanced quality health services. This was conveyed by the Head of the Indonesian Army Health Center, Mayjen TNI, Dr. Purwo Setyanto, at Technical Guidance for Hospital CEOs of the Indonesian Army…
12 May 2023

Fun Breathing Exercise Oks Terus with Oxyvit and Porpi Joined by 1.000 People

Research from the International Journal of Cardiovascular Science reveals that moderate intensity and duration of physical activity support the immune response and increase the body's resistance to disease. This is important in the midst of an increasing trend of COVID-19 cases. For this reason, Oxyvit collaborated with the Indonesian Respiratory…