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Five decades of end-to-end expertise in pharmaceutical discovery, formulation, manufacturing, and marketing — across Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific.

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Dexa means Quality

Our name was inspired by the Greek δέκα, meaning 10 — a universal symbol of perfection. Even today, our work aspires to that same impossible standard. That’s why, for millions of people in 14 countries, Dexa means quality.

Indonesian Modern Herbal Medicines

We identify, extract, and test biomolecules embedded deep in nature. Then, we use these microscopic gems to produce herbal medicines that are extraordinarily safe and effective.

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5 August 2022

Dexa Group's Commitment to Encourage the Production of Natural Medicine Raw Materials for National Independence

With more than 28000 plant species and 2,848 medicinal plants, Indonesia has the second-highest biodiversity in the world. Its natural resources hold tremendous promise for developing phytopharmaceuticals and herbal medicines, including Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (IIMM). Penny K. Lukito, head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), stated that…
1 August 2022

Dexa Award Science Scholarship 2022 Stimulates Innovation to Build Health Independence

The Indonesian government continues to encourage the resilience and independence of the healthcare industry, as imports dominate 90% of its domestic pharmaceutical raw materials and health spending. In addition, 88% of medical device transactions through electronic catalogs (e-catalogs) are imported products. Meanwhile, research and development funds are only about 0.2%…
8 July 2022

Prevent Stunting, Dexa Group's Green Pharmacy Becomes The Partner of BKKBN

Indonesia's 29th National Family Day (Harganas) was celebrated with the theme "Let's Prevent Stunting for Stunting-Free Family". President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the government had appointed the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) to reduce the prevalence of stunting to 14% in 2024. Therefore, BKKBN collaborates with several…
6 July 2022

Mr. Ferry A. Soetikno as a Speaker at the Advisory Board Sharing Session #7: Drug Raw Material Independence as a Part of the Dynamics of the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry

The Covid-19 epidemic has given Indonesia's pharmaceutical sector a fresh start. In stark contrast to the average 5–10% growth rate, the pharmaceutical sector shrank by -1.6 percent. Meanwhile, a supply shock made it challenging for the nation to get medical raw materials (BBO) since imports met 90% of BBO requirements.…
1 July 2022

Actively Contributing to Overcoming Health Problems, Dexa Group Wins Indonesia Best CSR Award 2022

Dexa Group received the Outstanding Program in Prioritizing Public Health Needs award from Warta Ekonomi's Indonesia Best CSR Award 2022 for its contribution to the healthcare industry. This honor is granted in recognition of Dexa Group's significant work putting social responsibility and environmental responsibility initiatives into action. On Thursday, June…
25 June 2022

The 'Bangga Buatan Indonesia' Movement Promotes Pharmacy Product Independence

Dexa Group participated in the Proudly Made in Indonesia 2022 event once more to accelerate the independence of domestic local products. On Thursday, June 23, 2022, the Bangga Buatan Indonesia (BBI) event with the title Lagawi Fest (Lampung Bangga Wirausaha Industri Festival) Satu Bumi Juta Karya was held on Tegal…