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Five decades of end-to-end expertise in pharmaceutical discovery, formulation, manufacturing, and marketing — across Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific.

Dexa means Quality

Our name was inspired by the Greek δέκα, meaning 10 — a universal symbol of perfection. Even today, our work aspires to that same impossible standard. That’s why, for millions of people in 14 countries, Dexa means quality.

Indonesian Modern Herbal Medicines

We identify, extract, and test biomolecules embedded deep in nature. Then, we use these microscopic gems to produce herbal medicines that are extraordinarily safe and effective.

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Latest News

6 March 2023

Dexa Group Wins the Indonesia Corporate Public Relations Award for the 5th time

Dexa Group was awarded The Best Indonesia Public Relations in the Health Sector by the Indonesia Corporate Public Relation Awards (IPRA) 2023. Dexa Group has won the IPRA Award for the fifth time since 2018. With the theme “Winning Economic Growth Through Consistent Collaboration", IPRA 2023 is being held to…
16 January 2023

BPOM and Dexa Group Collaborate to Educate the Public on Good Manufacturing Practice

Domestic pharmaceutical industry with international standard, Dexa Group participated in Expo of Food and Drug Life Cycle Product Supervision held by The Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (Badan POM). This event is an educational event from Badan POM as the regulator and the pharmaceutical and food industry…
16 December 2022

Dexa Group's CEO Named Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO 2022

For his leadership that has allowed the company to adapt successfully, make breakthroughs, and continue to make developments to provide a positive stimulant to the economy in Indonesia, Dexa Group CEO Mr. Ferry Soetikno was awarded the Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO 2022 in the pharmaceutical category from id. Indonesia…
12 December 2022

Committed to Accelerating the Halal Industry, Dexa Group Achieved Indonesia Halal Industry Awards 2022

As a pioneer in the implementation of research for the Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI) products certified by the Halal Product Assurance System, Dexa Group has achieved the Indonesia Halal Industry Award (IHYA) 2022 for the Best Halal Innovation category. The award held by the Ministry of Industry of the…
16 November 2022

Figures of Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine Receive Honorary Title of Adjunct Professorship from Atma Jaya Catholic University

Dr. Raymond Rubianto Tjandrawinata, a leading figure in Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI), was awarded the honorary title of Adjunct Professor in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology by the Indonesian Catholic University (Unika) Atma Jaya Jakarta. Dr. Raymond Rubianto Tjandrawinata has demonstrated a scientific discovery and contribution to the advancement of pharmaceutical biotechnology,…
4 November 2022

Dexa Group's Strategic Support for Indonesian Pharmacy Resilience and Independence: Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine Phytopharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical business is still working toward independence and health security due to the changes in the market brought on by the pandemic circumstances, the global financial crisis, and the high US Dollar exchange rate against the Rupiah. Dexa Group presented three significant initiatives for pharmaceutical resilience and independence with…