Entering the month of Ramadan, breastfeeding mothers or mothers are often hit by concerns regarding the adequacy of milk production needed by the baby. Even though this can be overcome by making a number of preparations so that even though they are fasting, the quality and quantity of breast milk produced is maintained.

In the 1st ASIMOR Anniversary event entitled FESTIVAL 100% ASIMOR which was held on Friday, April 30, 2021, presenting resource persons from pediatricians as well as lactation counselors, dr. Wiyarni Pambudi, Sp.A., IBCLC, Dexa Head of Marketing Consumer Health Ibu Irene Dwi Sari, and singer Mhyta Lestari as resource persons representing breastfeeding mothers or Mamsi.

In the webinar, dr. Wiyarni Pambudi said that there are at least four conditions that can trigger a mother’s milk production.
First, mother and baby should make skin-to-skin contact as often as possible because this greatly stimulates milk production.

“The optimal way of breastfeeding actually starts in the first 1-7 days of the baby’s birth. In the hospital, the mother and baby should not be separated so that they can have frequent skin-to-skin contact. That way the mother can get stimulation to produce breast milk and the baby can get breast milk any time they want to breastfeed,” said dr. Wiyarni at the webinar.

Second, husbands and families must be able to help create a comfortable and happy atmosphere for mothers physically and psychologically. Because with a relaxed mind and a healthy physique, the body will be confident and smoothly produce breast milk.

“A happy mother, the hormone oxytocin is high. This facilitates the release of breast milk. This must be balanced with breastfeeding the baby so that the prolactin hormone that produces breast milk can also remain high. It is not true that the habit of breastfeeding on a scheduled basis because it will only inhibit milk production, “said dr. Wiyarni.

Third, the mother and the people around her must have sufficient knowledge about breastfeeding. So that you know what to do during the breastfeeding process.
Fourth, maintain adequate nutrition for the body in the month of fasting so that the amount and quality of breast milk produced remain good. If necessary, you can also take additional supplements to maintain milk production.

“Fasting should not be an obstacle for breastfeeding mothers. Please fast and keep breastfeeding by fulfilling balanced nutrition, and don’t forget to drink a lot. If the mother is fasting but the intake is good and then assisted by taking supplements, there is no decrease in the quality of breast milk. Even vitamin levels in breast milk can increase,” he explained.

According to Ms. Irene Dwi Sari, Dexa Group through Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS), scientists have made the latest discoveries and have carried out a series of tests and processed them with modern technology of katuk, torbangun, and snakehead fish in ASIMOR Herbs which are Indonesian Modern Medicine (OMAI).

The content of ASIMOR which consists of katuk leaves provides a significant increase in the expression of prolactin and oxytocin genes, which are hormones that play an important role in the breastfeeding process so as to make breast milk production abundant.

While Torbangun leaves can increase epithelial cells and metabolism of the mammary glands so that breast milk increases 65% without changing the nutritional quality of milk and the benefits of Snakehead Fish can increase the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, so that breast milk production increases, accelerates healing after cesarean section, accelerates recovery and strength of post-partum women. and can boost the immune system.

“Not only through research upstream, downstream after the product is finished and will be marketed, we have also carried out testing in a number of mamsi. From these results, it was found that 8 out of 10 mothers felt an increase in breast milk volume within 2-3 days after 2 weeks of consumption. In addition, 50% of Mamsi produce 75 – 120 ml of breast milk at a time. Within two weeks, 25% of mothers stated that there was a decrease in the duration of the breast milk pump from an average of 30 minutes in the first week, to an average of 20 minutes in the second week after consuming Herba ASIMOR,” explained Ibu Irene.

Another benefit of ASIMOR obtained is that the baby’s sleep quality seems to improve significantly, especially in the second week. In fact, most babies urinate or pee more than six times a day and that number has increased from 52% – before Mamsi consumed Herba ASIMOR to around 82%. More specifically, within 2 weeks, the average weight of baby boys increased by 0.51 kg or slightly higher than the average, and in baby girls increased by 0.34 kg (within the normal range).

“With these benefits, the use of ASIMOR does not only provide benefits for babies and breast milk production. Moreover, the costs or expenses for maintaining breast milk production are reduced, and exclusive breastfeeding also results in emotional closeness between mother and baby,” explained Ibu Irene.

Therefore, to provide support for Mamsi in providing exclusive breastfeeding for the baby, at ASIMOR’s Anniversary, the 100% ASI for MORe Festival was held. This festival departs from the insight that Mamsi has many concerns about the needs that she must fulfill in order to give 100% to her baby.

The 100% ASI for MORe Festival is a festival where Mamsi can have 100 items that can increase Mamsi’s journey to give 100% ASI for only 100 rupiahs at the Dexa Medica Official Store. In addition, Herba Asimor also issued a bottle containing 60 caplets which is now more practical to be able to provide full support to Mamsi for 1 month.