Dexa Group participated in the Proudly Made in Indonesia 2022 event once more to accelerate the independence of domestic local products. On Thursday, June 23, 2022, the Bangga Buatan Indonesia (BBI) event with the title Lagawi Fest (Lampung Bangga Wirausaha Industri Festival) Satu Bumi Juta Karya was held on Tegal Mas Island, Kabupaten Pesawaran, Lampung Province.

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, and the Governor of Lampung Province, Mr. Arinal Djunaidi, all attended the Bangga Buatan Indonesia Lagawi Fest. Both Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, Corporate Affairs Director of Dexa Group, and Mr. Tarcisius T. Randy, Sales & Marketing Director of OGB PT Dexa Medica, attended.

During the event, ministers and invitees could visit the Dexa Group exhibit, which featured a range of Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine items such as phytopharmaceuticals, standardized herbal medicines, and herbal medicine. Mr. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan thanked Dexa Group for its contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical business and inclusion in the National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP) e-catalogue.

Concerning the BBI program, Mr. Luhut stressed that all parties should support the Proudly Made in Indonesia initiative by allocating funds to ministries/agencies and local governments for domestic goods.

During the BBI Coordination Meeting, Luhut stated, “It is hoped that in July, 80% of the allocation for spending on domestic products would be accomplished,”.

In the meantime, Mr. Agus Gumiwang stated that the Ministry of Industry is actively promoting domestic production through socialization and certification at the Domestic Component Level to meet the government’s target of purchasing domestic goods and services worth at least Rp 500 trillion in 2022.

Mr. Agus Gumiwang stated, “We expect that with more Indonesian products with TKDN, of course, it would be simpler to pick domestic items via e-catalogue and the bigger the government spending made on domestic products, including national and local governments,”.

According to Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, Director of Corporate Affairs at Dexa Group, Dexa Group continues to enhance its involvement in the Proud Made in Indonesia program by offering IIMM goods with a high Domestic Component Level (TKDN).

“Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine, which includes phytopharmaceuticals, standardized herbal medicines, and herbs, are part of our commitment to bolstering local manufacturing and supporting the pharmaceutical industry’s independence. We anticipate that the government will find it simpler to shop for domestic health goods now that IIMM phytopharmaca is a part of the phytopharmaca formulary,” said Mr. Krestijanto.

Dexa Group further contributed several IIMM products for Lampung’s public health on this occasion.

Dexa Group, as a business in the healthcare industry, has a duty to the community’s health, according to Mr. Tarcisius. According to the company’s value of treating customers with care, Mr. Tarcisius remarked, “For that, we donate health goods that can play a preventative or therapeutic function.”

Some Indonesian Original Modern Medicines were allocated as part of the contribution, such as Stimuno to maintain immunity, HerbaAsimor to facilitate breastfeeding, HerbaKOF to relieve coughs, and Lytacur to increase appetite in children.