PT Dexa Medica’s product, BOSKA, once again received an award in Nigeria. This time it was from the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). Boska received the “Education Stakeholder & Sponsors Recognition Award” from NIPR on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at Muson Centre Building, Lagos, Nigeria.

The award was given by Mr. Olusegun McMedal (Chairman NIPR) to the Consumer Health Dexa Nigeria Country Manager, Mr. Dhanang Riyo Anggoro in the NIPR Conference, which take the theme: “Media, Communication and the Challenge of Quality Education for National Development”.

According to Mr. Olusegun, the special awards are given to brands which have helped to contribute to the people of Nigeria. BOSKA is considered to have made many contributions in social activities in Nigeria, especially in the field of education.

Dhanang Riyo Anggoro said that Dexa Medica’s interests in Nigeria is not only for business, but also to give real contributions to improve the welfare of the Nigerian people. Dexa Medica’s contributions are realized in the form of activities in the field of education with “BOSKA School to School Motivation Talk”, in the field of health with “BOSKA Pain Free Day” (Free Medical Check Up), and in the field of sport with “BOSKA Cup Football Competition” and other activities.

Previously, BOSKA also achieved an award as the best brand in the West Africa region (The West African Branding Excellence Awards) in 2009 from The Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria (IBMN) in the category of pain reliever. The award was given by the IBMN based on an assessment which cover: consumer acceptance, quality reliability, market share dominance, optimum satisfaction, and also resilience value and durability. Until now, BOSKA has been known as the product with those criteria.

Beside Nigeria, BOSKA – which is used to relieve headache and pain, also marketed in Cambodia and Myanmar. BOSKA also indicated to relieve neuralgia, muscle pain, cold, mialgia, artralgia, postpartum pain, and postoperative pain. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica