Domestic pharmaceutical industry with international standard, Dexa Group participated in Expo of Food and Drug Life Cycle Product Supervision held by The Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (Badan POM). This event is an educational event from Badan POM as the regulator and the pharmaceutical and food industry regarding production processes from upstream to downstream that meet standards for the community, especially students.

“I got the initiative to hold this open house, because it is very important to educate the public. Of course, BPOM is not alone, together with industry and other ministries/institutions. In addition to being smart consumers, it is hoped that students will better understand the functions of drug and food regulators and supervisors and encourage them to support the development of the business world,” said the Head of Badan POM, Ms. Penny K. at the Badan POM Building, Jakarta, January 12, 2023.

According to Ms. Penny, the public must understand the process of producing chemical-based medicines, herbal medicines, health supplements, and other products that are consumed. She also gave an example of how medicines made from natural ingredients must go through a research process to clinical trials before being consumed by the public so that the products are safe, of high quality, and efficacious.

On the same occasion, the President Director of Dexa Medica Mr. V. Hery Sutanto said that Dexa Group is committed to implementing a quality assurance system in every product manufacturing process.

“We from the pharmaceutical industry, especially Dexa Medica, are greatly supported by the guidance and supervision from Badan POM. In our opinion, the supervision standards from BPOM are very high, evidenced by the approvals from the BPOM that are recognized internationally so that we can export products to various countries in ASEAN, Europe, Africa and America,” said Mr. V. Hery Sutanto.

Mr. Hery added, Dexa Group has also developed Indonesian Indigenous Modern Medicines (OMAI) from Indonesia’s natural resources. BPOM is a strategic partner of Dexa Group in developing OMAI which has been clinically tested so that it holds a phytopharmaca certificate and has been exported to foreign countries.

“This proves that the role of Badan POM is very real, we express our gratitude for being invited to participate in providing communication to the public,” added Mr. Hery.

Dexa Group is committed to ensuring that the quality assurance system and process for manufacturing medicinal products comply with the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Manufacturing Practices for Traditional Medicines (CPOTB), Indonesia’s Pharmacopoeia, and the implementation of Drug Side Effects Monitoring (MESO or Pharmacovigilance) starting from product development process until the product is successfully marketed. This is done to ensure the drug’s quality, safety and quality before consumption.

At this event, the Dexa Group presented the Dexa Group Drug Life Cycle Product booth which displayed a miniature liquid production line to educate the process of making syrup drugs in accordance with GMP and CPOTB and standards set by BPOM to implement quality aspects at every stage of the development, manufacture, and drug distribution so that it can be received safely. The quality is maintained until it reaches consumers.

Visitors to the Dexa Group booth seemed enthusiastic about educational and interactive games that presented questions about OMAI to drug and medicinal raw materials independence.