Dexa Group is committed to supporting government programs to increase the use of domestic pharmaceutical products to achieve health resilience and independence. For this reason, the Ministry of Health presented three awards to Dexa Group at the National Forum for Down Streaming and Increasing the Use of Domestic Pharmaceutical Products in Jakarta Tuesday (16/5/2023).

The awards received by Dexa Group are the Pharmaceutical Industry Award for Producing Chemical Raw Materials, Natural Medicines, Biological Products and Active Substances for Vaccines and Serum for PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, and the Pharmaceutical Industry Award for Producing Pharmaceutical Products Using Domestic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for PT Dexa Medica and PT Beta Pharmacon.

Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said the COVID-19 pandemic gave a lesson in the importance of a pharmaceutical resilience system. For this reason, the pharmaceutical industry is encouraged to increase the production of medicinal raw materials and encourage healthcare facilities to prioritize domestic medicines.

“Let’s build the ecosystem, see where the problem is so that the drug industry can build from upstream to downstream for Indonesia’s health security,” said Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin.

Minister of Health Budi further conveyed the economic potential of the health industry from the health spending in Indonesia. “Currently, the amount of spending per capita in Indonesia is USD 130 per person per year, while Malaysia is USD 300 per person per year. The health industry has a potential trade volume of up to IDR 600 trillion. That’s why we need to downstream it,” said Minister of Health Budi.

Dexa Medica President Director Mr. V. Hery Sutanto expressed Dexa Group’s commitment to building resilience and self-sufficiency in the health industry. Dexa Group’s strategic efforts to support resilience and independence include independence in Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicines (OMAI) or modern herbal medicines.

“Dexa Group is grateful for the government’s appreciation for the domestic pharmaceutical industry. We must jointly build national health resilience and self-sufficiency; downstream is our joint effort to reduce dependence on imported products, according to instructions from President Joko Widodo. In this commitment, OMAI becomes a pharmaceutical product with a high level of domestic components (TKDN) of more than 90%,” said Mr. Hery.

Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals President Director Mr. Benny Sutisna Suwarno said that Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals contributes to producing sterile Omeprazole and Esomeprazole raw materials for national pharmaceutical independence. The TKDN of Omeprazole and Esomeprazole reached 52.80%.

“Currently, Ferron has 3 CPBBAOB certificates (Process of Making Good Drug Active Raw Materials) freeze-dried injections, each for Omeprazole, Esomeprazole, and Pantoprazole. The raw materials for freeze-dried injection drugs are accompanied by a DMF (Drug Master File), which is complete,” said Mr. Benny.

Argon Group President Director Mr. Krestijanto Pandji added that Dexa Group’s commitment to supporting resilience and independence is also carried out through Branded Generic Medicine (OGB) products from Beta Pharmacon, whose raw materials are local from Kimia Farma Sungwun Pharmacopia for Atorvastatin products with TKDN 67.75% and Clopidogrel with TKDN 68.33%.

“We hope everyone will be proud to use domestic products made from local medicinal ingredients. This step further supports the commitment to building national health resilience and independence,” said Mr. Krestijanto.