Following the 53rd anniversary, Dexa Group and the Indonesian Army Health Center officially opened the renovated inpatient room at the Tk II Hospital, dr. AK Gani, Palembang. Dexa Group’s devotion to providing public health services and support for the National Health Insurance (JKN) program can be seen in the refurbishment of this inpatient room. LetCol CKM Room (Ret.) Drs. Rudy Soetikno, Apt. was the name of the hospital room.

“We are honoured to be here for the official opening of the AK Gani Hospital’s inpatient room renovation, which we devote to enhancing the medical services provided to patients at the AK Gani Hospital Kesdam II Sriwijaya. Today also marks the 53rd anniversary of PT Dexa Medica. By supporting the inpatient room reconstruction work at AK Gani Hospital Palembang, we contribute various ways to improve public health services. We hope that the services of the AK Gani Hospital can improve for members of the Indonesian Army and their family members and the general public,” stated Dexa Group Leader Mr. Ferry Soetikno.

Along with them, Colonel Ckm Dr. drg. Puji Hartono, Sp.Ort., M.A.R.S., the Head of the Army Health Center (Kapuskesad), Major General TNI dr. Purwo Setyanto, Sp.B., M.A.R.S., the Head of Regional Military Health II/Sriwijaya, and Colonel Ckm Dr. drg. Wiganda, Dexa Group board of directors and Director of PT Dexa Medica, Mr. Gunawan Lukman, were also present.

Mr. Ferry said that PT Dexa Medica was founded by a TNI soldier, Mr. Lt. Col. CKM (Ret.) Drs. Rudy Soetikno, Apt. in 1969 in the city of Palembang. Since 1959 he has served in Kesdam IV/Sriwijaya, which is now Kesdam II/Sriwijaya, with the main task of providing quality medicines for TNI soldiers and the public.

“I still recall his office being stocked with machinery and manufacturing facilities for medicines,”. According to Mr. Ferry, it is a pharmaceutical warehouse for Kesdam II Sriwijaya.

The AK Gani Hospital’s inpatient room renovation is part of a larger initiative to enhance community health services, particularly those that pertain to the JKN program. In addition, Mr. Ferry said that the JKN Program’s launch in 2014 has resulted in substantial improvements in Indonesia’s health development.

According to Mr. Ferry, “In this era of National Health Insurance, we are committed to addressing the need for improved services and enhancing health services in line with Dexa Medica’s Core Purpose: Expertise for the Promotion of Health,”.

Leading pharmaceutical company Dexa Group contributes following their particular duties, together with other companies in the health service industry. As of June 30, 2022, there will be 241.7 million patients in Indonesia who are members of the JKN program. At least 1.1 million Indonesians will use the JKN program to get health services at various institutions.

“Dexa Medica Group has actively bolstered Indonesia’s healthcare system as it moves toward independence and will continue to do so. Provide medications that adhere to the relevant standards and regulations for Quality, Safety, and Efficacy. Its use is limited to therapeutic and preventative care. The Dexa Group’s facilities create a variety of pharmaceutical preparations, including pills and injections for cancer treatment,” continued Mr. Ferry.

Dexa Group, established in Palembang in 1969, continues to advance medical advancements in the pharmaceutical industry by providing high-quality medications for public health services. Dexa’s OGB products are fully covered by the JKN program and are available in the e-Catalog. Since its inception in 1991, OGB Dexa has consistently backed public health initiatives. In the past five years, OGB Dexa has released more than 50 new pharmacological items with various benefits and 180 preparations for various therapeutic classes.

Strengthening the system’s basis for digitalization is another endeavour to help the health ecosystem. Different commercial apps and systems use the Internet of Things idea. Our numerous operational units use automation. A digital platform for continuing medical education, the D2D or Doctor to Doctor program. Millions of users in Indonesia have used the media and applications Friends of Pregnant Women, Friends of Diabetes, and Friends of Parenting for their knowledge and health requirements,” according to Mr. Ferry.

Improving Health Services for the Community

Major General TNI dr. Purwo Setyanto, Sp.B., M.A.R.S., commended the work. The inpatient room at AK Gani Hospital was renovated and afterwards dubbed the Inpatient Room Let Col CKM (Purn.) Drs. Rudy Soetikno, Apt. He claims this change will enhance the community’s access to health care, particularly in Palembang.

“It becomes the Rudy Soetikno Room, allowing patients from Palembang who receive care here to do so in the Rudy Soetikno Room. The TNI, the community, and their families may all benefit from what we officially launch today,” the head of the health centre expressed hope.

Kapuskesad emphasized that RS AK Gani will improve health services according to its main task. “This hospital has been operating since 1953. People need better services. We always have safety features in health. One is from PT Dexa, who has made our room comfortable. So in the future can be used properly, “added the Head of Health Care Center.