Mr. Ferry Soetikno, the leader of the Dexa Group, served as a speaker during the Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta Public Lecture. During his guest lecture, Mr. Ferry covered two subjects for hundreds of University of Sanata Dharma students and graduates: the introduction of Dexa Medica and the independence of pharmaceuticals and their fiercely competitive raw materials.

Father Albertus Bagus Laksana, S.J., S.S., Ph.Dm., the Chancellor of Sanata Dharma University, Dr. Dewi Setianingsih, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Sanata Dharma University, and Apt. Ipang Djunarko, a Lecturer of Pharmacy at Sanata Dharma University, attended the event held at the Driyakara Auditorium of Sanata.
Mr. Ferry Soetikno detailed Dexa Group’s 53-year path of dedicated expertise in public health in his lecture. Mr. Ferry claims that Dexa, one of Indonesia’s top businesses, employs more than 7,000 people domestically and overseas.

“Dexa Group mainly exports to ASEAN countries, including the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Nigeria. We began exporting products to the UK in 2008, making Ferron the first Indonesian firm to join a regulated market country in the UK. The collaborative is an endeavor because Indonesia wants the pharmaceutical business to be competitive, and we can compete in international nations,” Mr. Ferry explained.

Mr. Ferry outlined Dexa Group’s role in fostering independence for Sanata Dharma University students so that Indonesian medications are not reliant on imports, prices are reduced, and patients have more access.
“Independence is becoming increasingly important. As a result, the government supports the Program to Increase Domestic Production Use. The government is doing everything possible to create commodities with a high Domestic Component Level (TKDN), products in e-catalogs, and the Bangga Buatan Indonesia initiative is still in place. It keeps products moving since our country is full of natural resources. Everyone cannot rely on imported goods. Dexa has been doing this since 2005, so let’s put the product to the test. We already have low-hanging fruits ready to be harvested and used, and this is what we do for the country,” Mr. Ferry added.

Romo Albertus Bagus Laksana, S.J., S.S., Ph.Dm, said at the time that Dexa Group had the same vision as Sanata Dharma University.

“There is excellence in this initiative since Dexa values perfection and excellence. Sanata Dharma also has the value of excellence, professionalism, competency, and care,” Father Albertus explained.

Sanata Dharma University, like Dexa Group, commits to enhancing public health to make health a priority that must be fulfilled by many people, including assisting all parties in providing health services.

Father Albertus commended Dexa Group for the cooperation formed between Dexa Group and Sanata Dharma University on this occasion. “In particular to the Faculty of Pharmacy, the support from Dexa is accessible to our alumni with various study programs. Dexa, a significant corporation, needs many human resources, all willing to collaborate more extensively than other universities. Thank you, Mr. Ferry, for the precious time you gave to all of us,” Father Albertus added.

During the public lecture, Sanata Dharma University alums were also given time for sharing sessions. As an alumnus of Sanata Dharma, Mr. Michael Randa Estianto Hadi, Product Associate Manager of Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, explained the lyophilization technological breakthrough at the Ferron location.