Dexa Group has achieved the esteemed Indonesia Public Relations Awards (IPRA) 2024 in the category of Best Public Relations in the Pharmaceutical Industry from Warta Ekonomi. This recognition acknowledges Dexa Group’s adept execution of a strategic role in public relations amid the challenges and uncertainties of business dynamics. Notably, this marks the sixth award received by Dexa Group and the first in the field of public relations in 2024.

Mr. Sonny Himawan, the Head of Corporate Communications at Dexa Group, graciously accepted the award from Warta Ekonomi CEO Mr. Muhamad Ihsan at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta, on Thursday, January 25, 2024. Themed “Creating Innovative Connections for the Best Reputation,” IPRA 2024, organized by Warta Ekonomi, relied on research outcomes and media monitoring through mainstream and social media. Positive sentiments were considered, and expert panelists were engaged to validate the research findings.

Mr. Muhamad Ihsan highlighted, “Companies selected as winners have excelled in executing the functions and roles of public relations, significantly contributing to building the reputation of their respective organizations. This is particularly commendable given the challenges of effective public relations in today’s era, marked by the escalating use of AI, the prevalence of fake news, and various other influencing factors.”

Mr. Usman Kansong, the General Director of Information and Public Communication at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, emphasized the crucial need for robust connectivity and communication within the industry. He underscored the pivotal role of public relations, both in the public and private sectors, and stressed the necessity of establishing relevant strategic plans to enhance public relations with all stakeholders for optimal business operations.

Expressing gratitude for the recognition bestowed by Warta Ekonomi, Mr. Sonny Himawan remarked, “It is indeed an honor and a source of pride for Dexa Group to have earned the trust of Warta Ekonomi in receiving the Indonesia Public Relation Awards 2024 in the category of Best Public Relations in the Pharmaceutical Industry.”

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According to Mr. Sonny, this accolade substantiates the critical role of public relations in the healthcare sector amid the current dynamics of the business landscape. “Aligned with Dexa Group’s foundation, focusing on Expertise for the Promotion of Health and our core purpose, we remain committed to contributing within our sphere of expertise in the field of health and pharmaceuticals. The quality, efficacy, and safety of drugs produced by Dexa Group, alongside the presence of Original Indonesian Modern Medicine, will continue to be accentuated as a testament to Dexa Group’s enduring contribution to our nation and country in the realm of health,” Mr. Sonny affirmed.