Dexa Medica continues collaborating with diverse stakeholders to play an active role in the program to reduce stunting to 14% by 2024. Dexa Medica collaborated with the Indonesian National Army (TNI AD) and the Family Coordinating Agency National Planning (BKKBN) on this occasion to launch the e-Stuntad and e-Posyandu apps by donating breast milk boosting supplements and immunomodulators.

“Stunting is a severe issue. Our goal by 2024 is 14 percent; our current success of 21 percent is the result of our hard effort thus far. Babinsa consults with the community, and we currently involve mothers from Persit (Army Wives Association). This program makes it easier for us to identify stunting, so we can finally monitor it,” stated KSAD General Dudung Abdurrahman at the application’s debut on Tuesday (5/9/2023) at the Indonesian Army Headquarters in Jakarta.

Mr. Tarcisius Tanto Randy, Corporate Affairs Director of Dexa Group, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, President Director of PT Medela Potentia, Mrs. Ruth Retno Dewi, and Mr. Sonny Himawan, Head of Corporate Communications Dexa Group, were all in attendance. In addition, Maj. Gen. TNI Dr. Dr. Sukirman, Sp.KK., M.Kes., Head of the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital Lieutenant General TNI dr. A. Budi Sulistya, Head of BKKBN Mr. Hasto Wardoyo, and Mrs. Wiyarni Pambudi, Secretary of the ASI Task Force for the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI).

TNI AD troops can use the e-Stuntad tool to identify regions with a high frequency of stunting. Meanwhile, the e-Posyandu program is a real-time and interactive tool that monitors data connected to information on the health status of pregnant women and toddlers, as well as reports on toddler growth and development.

General Dudung expects that deploying the e-Stuntad and e-Posyandu software would allow the detection of stunting cases in all parts of Indonesia to be tracked in real-time. As a result, suitable intervention measures can be implemented. There are already 519 Posyandu who have access to the program,” General Dudung continued.

The Head of BKKBN also stressed that initiatives to minimize stunting are a strategy to gain a demographic advantage. As a result, he enthusiastically welcomed the release of this application.

“We are grateful and grateful because this program supports reducing stunting in Indonesia,” Mr. Hasto remarked.

HerbaAsimor to Stimuno for Stunting Alleviation

On this occasion, Army Chief of Staff General Dudung also launched the TNI AD ASI Task Force. Members of this task force will later utilize the e-Stuntad and e-Posyandu programs to carry out their responsibilities.

Dexa Medica provided supplements to the Indonesian Army’s front liners to fight stunting. General Dudung symbolically gave the extra aid to the Indonesian Army ASI Task Force.

“This contribution represents Dexa Group’s commitment to assisting with the stunting prevalence reduction program. Dexa Group has been working with numerous stakeholders to make the stunting reduction initiative successful since 2022. Of course, this is consistent with our basic philosophy, Deal with Care,” stated Mr. Tarcisius Tanto Randy, Corporate Affairs Director at Dexa Group.

Dexa Medica supplements include HerbaAsimor, which can help raise the quality and quantity of breast milk, Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI) immunomodulator Stimuno Syrup for children, and Stimuno Forte for adults. There are also Starfolate Tablets, including the active ingredient Folic Acid as a pregnancy support supplement, and Lytacur Syrup, a multivitamin designed to improve children’s appetite. The total quantity of supplements supplied was 6,384 units, which included pills, capsules, and bottles.

Aside from that, there was also the Teman Bumil’s booth, the number one educational application for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in Indonesia, and the HerbaAsimor exhibit at this event. Members of the TNI AD Nursing Task Force at this booth were educated on how to help pregnant and nursing moms.