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Dexa Medica


Dexa Medica, one of Indonesia’s largest pharmaceutical companies, has consistently used its sophisticated research capabilities to prioritise Indonesia’s public health needs. Its motto — to use expertise for the promotion of health — is a natural consequence of this long-standing commitment to improving healthcare for all. The company and its management team is guided by its four core principles of honesty, trust, dedication, and commitment.

Dexa Medica was founded in Palembang (South Sumatera, Indonesia) in 1969 by the late Lieutenant Colonel Drs. Rudy Soetikno, Apt. A low-profile young pharmacist in the Health and Medical Corps of the Indonesian army, he was moved by the scarce supply of medicine in Indonesia. Drs. Soetikno’s devotion to his country and his expertise in pharmaceuticals had uniquely positioned him to supply medicine — which turned out to be his calling in life.

With a few friends, he began producing basic tablets in a small pharmacy that they jointly owned. Since then, Dexa Medica has gone from strength to strength, evolving into one of Indonesia’s largest. The company’s environment, meticulously fostered by Drs. Soetikno and a tireless management team, is one of mutual respect, teamwork, and innovation.

Vision & Mission


To be a leading company dedicated to providing significant added values for the benefit of our customers, business partners and stakeholders through effective, efficient, and continuous operations to achieve “health for all” nationwide, as well as regionally and globally.


To establish our pharmaceutical capacities and competencies in enhancing the quality of our healthcare system through:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Increasing our market
  • Cost leadership
  • Establishing strategic alliances

Basic Beliefs

The name Dexa is derived from the Greek word “Deca” (δέκα), which means 10 — a universal symbol of perfection. The name reflects the philosophy of the company, which aspires, even today, to that same impossible standard. For more than five decades, Dexa has upheld three basic beliefs:

Strive for excellence

A commitment to provide the best possible value to our customers while exercising prudence and emphasizing compliance at all times.

Act professionally

A dedication to working with professionalism, with an emphasis on honesty and integrity.

Deal with care

Fostering a nurturing intent, by always seeking to understand and respect one another.

Core Competencies

At Dexa, activities are focused around four core competencies:

Resource Management

Mobilising resources to deliver the best possible products in the most efficient manner


Giving its people the freedom to do whatever is needed to provide patients with superior, distinctive, and differentiated products

Strategic Alliances

Selecting and retaining the right partners, for synergistic improvements

Change Management

Anticipate changes and proactively implementing plans quickly, to take advantage of impending changes in the business and in the industry

Core Businesses

Dexa’s business is focused on two main aspects: manufacturing and R&D. We manufacture our products in three main factories:

PT Dexa Medica Palembang

for solid and cephalosporin production

PT Dexa Medica Cikarang

for API Production – Discovery, Research, and Development

PT Beta Pharmacon Karawang

for solid production high volume products

Dexa has made consistent, liberal re-investments into its core business, continually developing highly innovative pharmaceutical products through meticulous research and development. It operates an advanced, integrated research facility, the Dexa Development Center (DDC) in Jababeka, Cikarang. DDC is specifically designed to accommodate up to 250 scientists so that it can produce as many as 30 dossiers (CTDs and ACTD) every year. Its activities include not only conventional formulation, but also the development of New Drug Delivery System (NDDS).

Since 2005, the company’s research wing Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS) has also been discovering active ingredients that are indigenously found in Indonesia. These rare ingredients are subsequently utilised in herbal medicines manufactured by Dexa Group, and offered to the people at an affordable rate in keeping with the company’s commitment to improve healthcare for all. DLBS uses life sources for organisms — such as plants, animals, and microbes — to improve people’s quality of life. It is still home to some of the world’s most talented scientists and pharmacists, hundreds of them from Indonesia. It also collaborates with, and trains, farmers to produce high-quality, standardized, natural ingredients.



PT Dexa Medica made a huge contribution in the development of Native Indonesian Modern Medicine (OMAI). OMAI is medicine extracted from Indonesia’s natural wealth and developed with modern technology. OMAI consists of Standardized Herbal Medicines (OHT) that have passed pre-clinical trials, and Phytopharmica that have passed clinical trials. Currently, 39 of 92 registered OHT and 32 of 37 registered Phytopharmica are produced by Dexa.


PT Dexa Medica is the first private company in Indonesia to produce Obat Generik Berlogo/OGB (unbranded generic medicines), and one of only five pharmaceutical companies to have received the Good Manufacturing Practices certification (Cara Pembuatan Obat yang Baik/CPOB).

OGBdexa has launched more than 50 new medicines in the last 5 years, and has a portfolio of more than 155 medicines. To meet the OGB market demand, Dexa Medica produces more than 1 billion tablets, vials, and ampoules of medicine every year. OGBdexa is available across Indonesia, in more than 21,000 pharmacies, hospitals, health offices, and community health clinics. As part of the Indonesian national health insurance system — Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) — OGBdexa plays a crucial role in providing medicines for the 192 million beneficiaries of JKN.