Dexa Group through Dharma Dexa, which cares about the importance of parenting, especially during the pandemic, has held the Happy Parents, Happy Kids program that has been running since December 2020 and continued on February 6, 2021. The Happy Parents Happy Kids program is held for all families of Dexa Group employees and Argon Group which includes seminars as well as reading literacy challenges for families.

The results of the Happy Parents Happy Kids game challenge in the form of creative reading literacy activities were obtained by 3 families as winners. The winners who are considered creative and compact in accepting this challenge are entitled to educational scholarships and also a free subscription to Kuark Magazine.

Here are the three winners of the Happy Parents Happy Kids challenge:
1. Family of Mr. Bambang Veriansyah
2. Family of Mr. Mateus Ramidi
3. Family of Mrs. Lydia Retno Utami

“Congratulations to the winners and hopefully what the winning families have done can inspire other families in growing creativity and solidarity,” said Leader of Dharma Dexa Mrs. Gloria Haslim.

In the seminar event to Happy Parents Happy Kids, a virtual seminar “Understanding the Challenges of My Child in His Future” was also held on Saturday, February 6, 2021. Present as a resource person at the event was Doctor of Education as well as Dean of the Faculty of Education and Languages ​​from Atma Jaya Catholic University, Dr. Luciana, M.Ed.

Success in Facing the Challenges of 21st Century Parenting

According to Mrs. Luci, parents are facing the challenges of parenting in the midst of technological disruption. To be able to successfully face this challenge, parents must be able to identify the right parenting pattern through an approach that looks at the child’s potential and increases bonding.

“The world is facing technological disruption, where life is faced with a reality of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA). A world that is influenced by technology results in very fast changes and life is influenced by many factors that are difficult to control. This condition affects parenting patterns for children,” said Mrs. Luci.

With the VUCA challenge, continued Mrs. Luci, the role of parents is required who must also understand the complexity of technology, parents’ belief in determining a distant vision for their child’s future, being able to equip children with skills that are built as habits, and parents must be diligent in exploring their child’s potential and character.

If parents understand and know the child’s character, then parents have recognized their potential. “From here we will determine the parenting approach including the way of communication,” said Mrs. Luci.

With the right parenting, children will have the skills needed in the 21st century, namely communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.