Dharma Dexa became the winner of the Social Business Innovation and Green CEO Award 2019 from Warta Ekonomi at Balai Kartini on Thursday, 29 August 2019, for its commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by helping protect the environment, implementing organizational governance through its corporate social responsibility, and accelerating community involvement and development through community economic empowerment.

The award ceremony was attended by the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Airlangga Hartarto as well as the Founder of Warta Ekonomi and former Minister of Fisheries, Fadel Muhammad. In his remarks, Airlangga expressed his appreciation for Indonesian companies that fulfill their commitment and responsibility for the environment.

Airlangga added that the environment is a highly essential factor in the implementation of industry 4.0. “Learning from the experience of the European Union in practicing Industry 4.0, minimizing the impact on the environment and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals became very important in the practice of industry 4.0, especially for the priority industries, such as manufacturing, followed by pharmaceutical, automotive and renewable industry,” he said.

The Social Business Innovation Company Award 2019 was presented by Fadel Muhammad accompanied by Warta Ekonomi CEO, Muhammad Ihsan to the Leader of Dharma Dexa, Gloria S. Haslim. Also present at the event was Dexa Group Head of Corporate Communications, Sonny Himawan and Dharma Dexa Manager, Mateus Ramidi.

With this achievement, Dharma Dexa has been acknowledged to have successfully implemented SDGs to address social and environmental issues through innovative corporate social responsibility programs.

Warta Ekonomi CEO, Muhammad Ihsan explained that this award appreciates the best companies in Indonesia that have succeeded in making innovations to overcome social and environmental issues with corporate social responsibility program throughout 2018-2019 period.

“Penghargaan ini ditujukan untuk mendorong adanya kegiatan bisnis berkelanjutan bagi perusahaan di Indonesia, yang proses penilaiannya ada beberapa faktor yakni memiliki program CSR unggulan dan patuh terhadap peraturan pemerintah terkait lingkungan,” kata Bapak Muhammad Ihsan.
“This award aims to encourage sustainable business activities for companies in Indonesia. The evaluation process of this award includes several factors, such as companies that carry out excellent CSR programs and comply with government regulations related to the environment,” said Muhammad Ihsan.

Warta Ekonomi uses several indicators for its evaluation process. First, organizational governance which is used to analyze the role of companies in building good and correct corporate governance while planning and implementing corporate social responsibility. The second indicator involves the environment. This looks at the company’s role in minimizing the impact of the company’s operations or production on the environment. “How the company provides solutions and approaches to the direct or indirect impacts on the local economic conditions affected by the company’s operations,” he said.

Next, Community Involvement and Development. This indicator is used to evaluate company’s in creating and implementing excellent company programs that aim to increase community and environmental empowerment.

Gloria S. Haslim expressed her gratitude to receive the award. She believes this award is a testament to Dexa Group’s commitment in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Dharma Dexa has launched several initiatives related to SDGs, such as environment protection programs, community empowerment for the environment around our site, free medical treatment, supporting the health of mothers and toddlers, and many others. This reflects Dharma Dexa’s commitment which is in line with our core purpose “Expertise for the Promotion of Health”. I also would also like to invite all Dexans, to continue to care and share with others, as a form of our gratitude as well as our commitment to society and the country,” said Gloria.