Executive Director of Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS), Dr. Raymond R. Tjandrawinata has been named the Best Researcher in the Science and Technology Index (SINTA) 2020 by scoring very high cumulative Google Scholar H-index. The total number of researchers who work as lecturers and are registered at SINTA is 197,423 people. The rating is used to motivate lecturers, researchers, journal managers, and institutions productive in publishing, citing, and managing their journals.

The Best Indonesian Researchers was officially announced by the Minister of Research and Technology/BRIN Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro, in the SINTA SERIES “Indonesian Researcher Ranking 2020” event from the Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN YouTube Channel on Thursday, 28 May 2020.

Minister of Research and Technology said that publication is indeed very important, and Indonesia has submitted the highest number of publications in ASEAN in 2019. However, there are issues regarding the quality of Indonesia’s publications on whether the findings of the publication and research and development can have downstream effects or provide value for the community on a wider scale.

Acting Deputy of Research and Development Strengthening of the Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN, Mr. Muhammad Dimyati said SINTA is an innovation of science and technology information system that was built to measure the performance of individuals, institutions, and their networking from researchers, engineers, and lecturers in Indonesia. In general, SINTA was first developed at the end of 2016 and introduced in January 2017. To date, SINTA has managed 194,904 verified authors, 4,607 journals, up to 2 million more scientific publication documents integrated with Google. In the future, SINTA will be encouraged to go international because it has now covered 4,500 universities, researchers, and engineers spread across various institutions.

Dr. Raymond Tjandrawinata expressed his gratitude for the great rating he received. “We are very grateful and honored to receive this good news from the Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN. This is a form of appreciation from the government for the research and development activities of scientists in Indonesia including Dexa Group. I hope this motivates researchers in carrying out R & D and producing innovative and high-quality pharmaceutical products which benefit the wider community and our country,” said Dr. Raymond.

Dr. Raymond Tjandrawinata is a researcher who actively publishes his research, including Indonesian Original Modern Medicine (OMAI) products which are derived from Indonesian plants developed together with his team at DLBS. OMAI is used in the treatment of various diseases, such as prevention of stroke and coronary heart disease, treatment of diabetes mellitus, treatment of breast cancer, treatment of hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis, treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, treatment of prostate cancer, treatment of menstrual pain, treatment of gastric ulcers, treatment of muscle pain and headaches, treatment of bloating and nausea, and treatment of coughs and colds. Indonesian Original Modern Indonesian Medicines have now been marketed in Indonesia and have even been exported to other countries.

Four indicators used to assess the performance of researchers are the number of journal articles indexed in Scopus by taking into account the quartiles of the journal in which they are published. Second, the number of non-journal articles indexed in Scopus. The third and fourth indicators are the number of citations in Scopus and the number of citations in Google Scholar and journal articles in the SINTA Journal. The data used in the calculation record the last three years, namely documents published from 2017 to 2019.