PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals at The 4th Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award 2018 won the 2018 Platinum Award, Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta, on Wednesday, April 2 2018. The award was given by the Executive Director of PPM Manajemen Bramantyo Djohanputro to the President Director of PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals Krestijanto Pandji.

At the event entitled “Becoming The Winner in Disruption Era Through Sustainable Innovation”, the entire board of directors and commissioners of Dexa Group were also present; Mrs. Gracianti Soetikno, Mr. Wimala Widjaja, Mr. Roy Ibrahim, Mr. V. Herry Sutanto, Mr. Benny Sutisna Suwarno, and the entire management of Dexa Group.
The OCI Award is the only global innovation award for companies that are able to innovate continuously and generate endless creativity by demonstrating consistent and comprehensive performance.

One of the leading innovative products from Ferron is Glucient SR. This pharmaceutical product for people with diabetes mellitus became the first pharmaceutical product from Indonesia to be successfully marketed in the UK in 2008. “This product has innovative advantages such as the use of sustain release technology, which allows diabetics to take medication only once a day. Then the complete product range from 500, 750, to 1000 mg, as well as the braille packaging on the Glucient packaging, “explained Pak Krestijanto.

This innovation has enabled Glucient SR to remain the market leader in the UK with a market share of up to 25 percent, competing with product originator companies such as Teva and Merck. “UK trust in Glucient products is increasingly recognized by the inclusion of this product in the National Health Care System in the UK,” he explained.

The OCI Award has been held by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) for more than 27 years in the United States. Through a selection process that lasted about two months, the selection committee for the OCI Indonesia Award from PDMA Indonesia in collaboration with PPM Manajemen and SWA Magazine identified companies that create value through product and service innovation.

According to the Chairman of the 2018 OCI Indonesia Award Jury Board, Mr. Martinus Sulistio Rusli who is also from PPM Manajemen, Ferron’s success in developing products with its own formula development and successfully penetrating the UK market is capital for Ferron to continue to innovate to make other new products or enter new markets in other countries.

“Ferron’s superiority in the 2018 OCI Award assessment is in product innovation and how Ferron applies the NPD (New Product Development) Process, which is a company activity related to the company’s new product development program, starting from the input, process, and output,” said Martinus.