HERBAPAIN was recognized as the first product in Indonesia in the Herbal Headache Medicine Category. This recognition was given by an independent research institution to HERBAPAIN through a survey and considered successful to invent a new product innovation in the past year.

Pertama di Indonesia (First in Indonesia), is an appreciation and recognition given based on research results with these assessment methodologies; The First Aspect, Evidence Aspect & Validation Aspect. This award is expected to spur the growth and development of Indonesian products that will simultaneously and consistently sustain the country’s economy.

The awarding night was held on Thursday, November 23, 2017, in Jakarta. The award was received by the Executive Director of DLBS, Raymond Tjandrawinata. The General Manager of Consumer Health PT Dexa Medica, Andrew Sulistya, and the Head of the Corporate Communications Department Dexa Group, Sonny Himawan, also attending the event.
HERBAPAIN was formulated with the Tandem Chemistry Expression Bioassay System (TCEBS) method which is a combination between chemical engineering, biochemistry, and modern pharmacology that was applied to filter out a variety of potential natural ingredients to become a drug candidate.

“The Advance Fractionation Technology (AFT) has made God’s Crown fruit (phaleria macrocarpa) to experience graded extraction process to find the specific fraction to cure a disease. Bioactive Fraction has a higher purity than average extract which makes HERBAPAIN becomes one of the products of modern herbal medicine technology”, said Raymond Tjandrawinata.

According to the General Manager of Consumer Health PT Dexa Medica, Andrew Sulistya, although derived from the natural ingredients of the God’s Crown fruit, HERBAPAIN is very effective to relieve headaches. “This is proved by the research of Kadence – a research institution which stated that 91% of consumers feel that HERBAPAIN is better or has the same effect with the chemical headache medicine that they usually used,” said Andrew Sulistya.

Besides that, HERBAPAIN’s excellence compared to other headache medicine is that it has no side effects like heart palpitations. This is because HERBAPAIN does not contain caffeine that can stimulate the liver cell receptors to increase heart rate. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica