Dexa International Business

Decades of Experience
Dozens of Market
and Growing

Dexa Group has spent decades cultivating key strategic partnerships around the world. Today, that extensive partner and distribution network has enabled the Group to provide its pharmaceutical and healthcare products across Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

The company first expanded to an international market in 1993, and is now present in more than 14 countries. In several countries, Dexa Group, via Dexa Medica, collaborates with local partners who operate reliable sales and marketing teams. Dexa Group continues to actively search for such partners as it further expands its global presence.

The Group’s companies have been able to consistently demonstrate global excellence in brand-building and operations. This expanding work in international markets has helped Dexa Group companies win the prestigious Primaniyarta Award from the Ministry of Trade, Government of Indonesia — in 2005 for Stimuno, in 2017 and in 2019 for Glucient SR, and in 2018 for Boska.