The Ministry of Industry continues to improve the competitiveness of the national industry through the transformation towards industry 4.0. In this regard, as a leading international pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, Dexa Group has implemented Industry 4.0 in the production process to distribution.

President Director of PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, stated that companies that are able to survive in the industrial era 4.0 are those that are able to increase competitiveness. The most important thing from increasing competitiveness is efficiency.”

Dexa INDIE 3The most important thing in the pharmaceutical world is that we have control because if we don’t have control it can be a risk. Control is important to produce quality products,” said Mr. Krestijanto in a series of events for the Indonesia 4.0 Conference & Expo 2021 which was held online, Friday ( 20/8/2021).

Ferron, which is part of the Dexa Group, has implemented 8 industrial 4.0 in the production to the distribution process. The eight implementations are Robotic Automation, Internet of Things, Building Management System (BAS), Electronic Batch Record / Machine Execution System, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Warehouse Management System, Green Facility, and Enterprise Asset Management.

“What is our goal in doing Robotic Automation? Number one is that we will optimize the human-machine interface, we will switch to machines but humans will still control this. We will use that human will function to analyze data by robots. Second is Standardization in the pharmaceutical world is getting tighter, so we require something called zero faults, so we have to do automation,” said Mr. Krestijanto.

The use of robotic automation also improves quality, because every preparation makes a consistent product. Then regarding the Electronic Batch Record, Dexa Group has applied a 2D barcode that can be tracked in real-time.

” Regarding barcodes, in the US and Europe is a must. Because we export products to the US and Europe, so we have implemented it,” added Mr. Krestijanto.

Ferron has also applied a Green Facility, one of which has just been inaugurated by the Ministry of Industry, namely the Solar Power Plant (PLTS) at the Cikarang site. The PLTS applied at Ferron’s production facilities is the largest in West Java.

In line with Mr. Krestijanto, VP of Digital & Information Technology at PT Biofarma, Mr. Ervan Belyadi Suryadi also emphasized the importance of applying information technology. PT Biofarma, which is a pharmaceutical BUMN holding, applies 2D barcodes to track the distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations.

“As Mr. Krestijanto Pandji said earlier, with this 2D barcode, we can find out where the drug is,” said Mr. Ervan.

Government Appreciation

The government through the Ministry of Industry appreciates the readiness and implementation of industry 4.0 in pharmaceutical companies. Director of Downstream Chemical and Pharma Industry, Muhammad Taufiq, said that the industrial revolution 4.0 was a big leap for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Our readiness, especially under our scope in the pharmaceutical industry, the average readiness is at number 3 and above. So this means, the pharmaceutical industry is ready to carry out the INDI 4.0 transformation. The pharmaceutical industry has carried out automation and robotics. The second is barcodes, This has shown one indication,” said Mr. Taufiq while giving his appreciation to the pharmaceutical industry which has implemented robotic automation and barcode systems.

The pharmaceutical industry, which is part of the health system, said Mr. Taufiq, is currently still partial to health facilities. The government hopes that in the future Indonesia can implement a “one patient, one record” system. For this reason, a uniform database and platform are needed and implemented by the health system in Indonesia.

Responding to this challenge, Mr. Krestijanto then explained the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Dexa Group to make predictions based on data stored in the cloud system. “We are ready and we have implemented it,” said Mr. Krestijanto.