PT Dexa Medica has been growing and innovating in the health sector for the past 53 years. Dexa Medica has received the Indonesia Living Legend Companies 2022 award from SWA Magazine for its achievements over the last half-century.
Indonesia Living Legend Companies is an award intended for companies established in Indonesia with a minimum age of 50 years, companies that make profits, continue to expand, and develop market leaders or the leading players in their field.

Indonesia Living Legend 2022 held with the theme “Inspiring Lessons from Respectful Legends”. Group Chief Editor of SWA Media, Mr. Kemal E. Gani, stated in his opening remarks that the award is an appreciation for companies and brands considered respectful legends. The companies are over 50 years old and can still grow, develop, and be relevant while providing benefits to their stakeholders.

“Congratulations to several companies the jury has assessed as Indonesia Living Legend Companies winners. Reaching the age of more than 50 years is an age of proof for companies and brands in facing challenges and business situations. Hopefully, they will continue to be an inspiration for other businesses,” said Mr. Kemal.

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, the award was virtually presented by the Group Chief Editor of SWA Media, Mr. Kemal E. Gani, and accepted by the Sales Director of PT Dexa Medica, Mr. Tarcisius T. Randy.

Mr. Tarcisius expressed his gratitude for the recognition from SWA Media Group upon accepting the award. To fulfill Dexa Medica’s goal of becoming a reputable international pharmaceutical company, Mr. Tarcisus remarked, “Throughout the 53-year journey of Dexa Group, we seek to continually apply our fundamental mission, namely Expertise for The Promotion of Health, and continue to uphold corporate values,”.

Mr. Tarcisius continued, “Through this commitment, Dexa Medica consistently applies innovation, prioritizes technology, and improves competitiveness through every resource available. Also plays an active role in strengthening Indonesia’s health ecosystem through our innovative products so that we can achieve national pharmaceutical independence,”.

In 2022, the Indonesia Living Legend Companies award for BUMN and private companies were selected through a survey. In this survey, the parameters refer to 6 essential characteristics: Corporate Values and Philosophy, Adaptability, Creating a Leader from Within, Innovation Culture, Prudent Financial Governance and Management, and Responsibility to customers, employees, environment, and society.