Dexa Medica through HerbaASIMOR won the Indonesia Digital Marketing Champion 2021 award as the 1st Digital Marketing Champion 2021 in the Healthcare Products category with the title Very Good. This award was achieved for Dexa Medica’s achievements in improving business performance through digital platforms.

The award was given by SWA’s Chied Editor Group, Mr. Kemal E. Gani, and received by Dexa Medica’s Head of Consumer Health Marketing, Ms. Irene Dwi Sari, on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 virtually.

Mr. Kemal appreciated Dexa Medica through HerbaASIMOR for its success in building a strategy on the digital platform. “Congratulations, Dexa Medica has succeeded in building a reliable digital marketing strategy so that Dexa excels in the industry,” said Mr. Kemal.

In her speech, Mrs. Irene hopes that with this award, HerbaASIMOR through its campaigns will always be Mamsi’s breast milk booster choice. “Thank you to the entire SWA Magazine team for giving us the award. The digital platform that we have established in the ASI booster category, is included in the 100% ASI For More campaign which we hope can help guard the early life of these babies through their mothers, in order to improve their quality of life. the success rate of exclusive breastfeeding for breastfeeding mothers in Indonesia,” said Ibu Irene.

Added by Mrs. Irene, the 100% ASI For More campaign run by HerbaASIMOR also requires support from all parties. “Obviously this campaign is a continuous process and requires cooperation with the government, health workers, families and publishers such as SWA magazine, so that all parties can build a better Indonesian generation starting with breastfeeding.” said Mrs. Irene.

Indonesia Digital Marketing Champion 2021 is an award held by SWA magazine for companies that have succeeded in improving business performance through proper, smart and efficient management and utilization of digital technology in the field of marketing and sales.