To accelerate the independence of the national pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, the Dexa Group has taken a proactive step by constructing its inaugural medical device industrial facility via PT Deca Metric Medica. This facility will allow Indonesia to produce medical device products, including wound dressings, which have emerged as the fifth-most transacted medical device in the e-catalog of the Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP). This industrial facility will undoubtedly contribute toward meeting the growing demand for medical devices in the region while promoting domestic medical device production.

PT Deca Metric Medica’s medical device industrial facilities were inaugurated by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, accompanied by Dexa Group’s CEO Ferry A. Soetikno and President Director of PT Medela Potentia, Krestijanto Pandji. Also present were the Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Rizka Andalucia, as well as the board of directors and commissioners of Dexa Group and Medela Potentia Group, on Thursday, 21 December 2023, at the Jababeka Industrial Area, Cikarang, West Java.

The Minister of Health appreciated the inauguration of the PT Deca Metric Medica medical device production facility, which can support national health security; per the Minister’s statement, ten medical devices are most extensively used in Indonesia, based on e-Catalog data across 900 government hospitals. Among these, the top five are syringes, infusion sets, gloves, IV catheters, and gauze or wound dressings. The Minister of Health appreciated PT Deca Metric Medica’s production of wound dressings.

During his speech, he mentioned that the sales volume of wound dressings in Indonesia has the potential to reach up to IDR 300 billion annually. This medical device is a consumable item for continuous use in healthcare facilities.

The Minister of Health stated that wound dressings are a widespread practice across the globe and expressed the intention to make them available to UNICEF.

The Minister of Health has expressed support for promoting domestic medical device to meet national requirements and facilitate exportation to foreign markets. The government aims to encourage domestic production to meet global demand by providing necessary support and facilitating market entry.

The Minister of Health has emphasized the need to enhance the quality of domestic production through efficient operations to ensure preparedness for possible future pandemics. The Ministry aims to facilitate access to international markets and enable businesses to achieve complete selling power and economic scale. “This will not only help manage future public health crises but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the economy,” he said.

PT Deca Metric Medica is a medical equipment company that occupies an area of 6,000 square meters, with a building covering an area of 4,800 square meters. Its establishment serves as a potential solution to imported Indonesian medical device products. The Directorate General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, released a performance report for the first semester of 2023. According to the report, the national medical device transactions via e-catalog from 2019 to 2020 remained primarily dominated by imported products, accounting for 88 percent of the market share.

The Indonesian Medical Device Manufacturers Association (ASPAKI) data implies that they valued the Indonesian medical device market at IDR 49.7 trillion in 2020, accounting for 0.7% of the global market. However, despite the promising market growth, the domestic medical equipment trade balance is still experiencing a deficit of IDR 23.8 trillion, with an export value of IDR 16.3 trillion and imports totaling IDR 40.1 trillion.

Dexa Group has constructed a medical equipment industrial facility, PT Deca Metric Medica, as a concrete measure to support the government’s vision of achieving national health independence. The company is committed to contributing significantly to the health resilience transformation system by providing quality health equipment to the community. Mr. Ferry Soetikno stated that Dexa Group’s unwavering commitment to this cause is a testament to their dedication to supporting the continued growth and development of the healthcare sector.

PT Deca Metric Medica is an Indonesian medical device facility that started production in January 2023. The facility recently received the Good Manufacturing Practices for Medical Devices (CPAKB) certification from the Ministry of Health, and the wound dressing products are part of its product line in the Ministry’s e-catalog. This certification affirms PT Deca Metric Medica’s commitment to providing high-quality medical devices to the Indonesian market.

The Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP) has recently published its report on the medical device market in Indonesia for 2022. According to the report, wound dressings have emerged as the fifth most sought-after medical device product, following syringes, infusion sets, surgical gloves, and catheters. This indicates a significant demand for wound dressings in the Indonesian healthcare sector, and the manufacturers and suppliers of such products must be aware of this trend. The report is a valuable resource for businesses and professionals in the medical device industry. It provides insights into the market dynamics of Indonesia.

PT Deca Metric Medica has successfully developed a range of medical devices that serve various purposes. Among these devices is the Stardec DecaFix, which provides additional fixation after the primary wound closure, particularly suitable for wide wounds in joint areas and tubing fixation. Furthermore, PT Deca Metric Medica produces Stardec DecaMed, a wound covering with an absorbent pad that serves as a post-operative wound covering. The upcoming PT Deca Metric Medica production is the Stardec DecaPore, a Paper Tape with a Dispenser designed to fix lightweight tubing and as a wound-covering plaster. The company also produces Stardec DecaCare, an antiseptic surgical scrub product.

PT Deca Metric Medica manufactures wound protection plasters made from latex-free materials, ensuring safe use for individuals with sensitive skin. Specifically, the company offers two types of dressings: children’s bandages, known as Stardec DecaPlast Character Zoo Party, and waterproof plasters, known as Stardec Decaplast Waterproof. These products provide adequate wound protection while simultaneously addressing the needs of individuals with specific skin sensitivities.

In addition to producing for Dexa Group, PT Deca Metric Medica also offers toll manufacturing services to its national and international partners. According to Krestijanto Pandji, the company utilizes the latest technology and machines to produce high-quality products with maximum efficiency. With its cutting-edge technology and expertise, PT Deca Metric Medica is well-equipped to meet the needs of its consumers.

PT Deca Metric Medica has designed its medical device industrial facilities using a modular concept, which enables the facilities to be expanded based on production requirements. This approach ensures that the facilities are scalable and adaptable and can accommodate the changing needs of the business over time. This modular design has been implemented to enhance the production process’s efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards. By employing this approach, PT Deca Metric Medica has demonstrated a commitment to providing responsive and agile services to its clients in the medical equipment industry.

PT Deca Metric Medica’s medical device industrial facilities produce a range of high-quality products marketed by PT Djembatan Dua and distributed by PT Anugrah Argon Medica, both subsidiary entities of the Medela Potentia Group. dexagroup dmm 2