Towards the 50th anniversary of Dexa Group, PT Dexa Medica has won the Corporate PR Award (IPRA) 2019 for 2 consecutive years. The award, which was previously obtained in 2018 is an acknowledgment to the performance of Dexa Medica’s Corporate Public Relations.

This award was presented by Warta Ekonomi CEO, Muhammad Ichsan to Dexa Group Head of Corporate Communications, Sonny Himawan on behalf of Dexa Group CEO, Ferry Soetikno at Balai Kartini, Jakarta on Friday, 26 July 2019.

The event was also attended by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Rosarita Niken Widyastuti and the Director General of Innovation Enhancement of the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Jumain Appe.

“We invite the public relations (PR) of companies to also become PR for our country. Together we need to fight against hoaxes and create a conducive situation to create stability in our economy. We are all PR for Indonesia, let’s spread positive information in order to attract investment and make positive contributions to our country,” said Niken in her remarks.

Niken sees that nowadays PR practitioners need to face challenging situations to do their job in the midst of the huge spread of false information. Meanwhile, Jumain Appe appreciates companies that have made innovations in various sectors.

“Communication is a highly essential platform to provide information on any innovations and initiatives we are making. These changes occur continuously, so we need to update information regularly,” said Jumain.

The Indonesia Corporate Public Relations Award is given to companies, ministries/state institutions and to figures who are considered to have a good and reliable image. Carrying the theme “Beyond PR Excellence – The Rise Social Influencer”, Public Relations is defined as the overall effort carried out in a planned and sustainable manner in order to create and maintain the goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and the public.

​”Dexa Medica is filled with gratitude to receive this award. This a testament to Dexa Group’s dedication towards its 50th anniversary. The high level of public trust cannot be separated from a good corporate image and company values. I invite all Dexans to be part of Dexa Group’s PR by continuing to share good news from Dexa. Good News From Dexan,” said Sonny Himawan after receiving the award.

The winners of the IPRA award 2019 were selected through media monitoring research in 40 online media. The media monitoring was carried out in May-July 2019 for the news published in the past year.