Booster vaccination centres have been held in various locations, including the BSD City Intermoda Modern Market on 15-18 February 2022, hosted by SehatQ in partnership with the STIMUNO and OXYVIT brands. Although there is a lot of anticipation for having a booster vaccine, people still need to preserve their immune system after that. Why is this the case?

“The booster vaccine is very necessary after receiving the first and second doses of vaccination because the effectiveness decreases in the fourth to the sixth month,” said dr. Ranto B. Tampubolon, a practising doctor at the SehatQ Karawaci Clinic, opened a booster vaccination centre at Intermoda Modern Market BSD City, Banten Province, on February 15, 2022.

Booster vaccines are the same way. Doctor Ranto cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study indicating that the body’s immune protection after receiving a booster injection decreases after ten weeks to four months.

According to the study, antibodies would decline over time, but this does not imply a diminished immunological response. T and B lymphocytes are still present to guard against the disease’s severity. During preliminary evaluations of the booster vaccine’s performance, the researchers discovered a high efficacy of up to 78 per cent up to four months after the third dose. This effectiveness was demonstrated in persons who received a booster, where the intensity of pain was lowered even if they were not completely protected from infection.

SehatQ collaborates with Dexa Medica and the OneSmile application to open a booster vaccination station for adults in the Intermodal Modern Market area of BSD City until February 18, 2022, due to the relevance booster immunizations in reducing the severity of COVID-19 infection. This booster immunization centre is for anyone over the age of 18 and the elderly who have already received their first and second complete vaccination doses.

“The collaboration between STIMUNO and OXYVIT alongside SehatQ intends to help government initiatives accelerate the availability of booster vaccines to the general public. Furthermore, STIMUNO and OXYVIT want to continue educating the public about the importance of maintaining the body’s immune system through immunomodulators of Indonesian Indigenous Modern Medicines (OMAI) phytopharmaca been clinically tested so that they would not get sick. Meanwhile, OXYVIT Vitamin C and D3 1000 IU supplements are highly recommended for immune system regulation and immune cell activity against viruses and germs,” said Ms. Irene Dwi Sari, PT Dexa Medica’s Head of Marketing for Consumer Health Products.

On that occasion, Dr. Ranto also reminded the public that consuming vitamins C and D and immunomodulators is strongly recommended to maintain immunity while waiting for the next booster vaccine schedule.

“We needed 500 mg of vitamin C each day for protection, but if we are unwell, we might take up to 1000 mg.” We can get enough vitamin D by consuming 1000 iu each day. If you are sick, you can get up to 5000 iu. Furthermore, the immunomodulator is very good and safe for everyday usage, but it can only be used for a maximum of 6 months. So this can boost our immunity, which is currently being hampered by an increase in COVID-19 instances,” Dr. Ranto added.

Mild to severe COVID-19 patients can take 500 mg of vitamin C, 1000 iu of vitamin D, and supportive medicines, both traditional (phytopharmaca) and Indonesian Indigenous Modern Medicines (OMAI)), according to the Fourth Edition of the COVID-19 Management Guidelines, which is on file with the POM Agency