Tetagam P

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Postexposure prophylaxis
Immediate prophylaxis after tetanus prone injuries in patients:

  • Not adequately vaccinated
  • Whose immunisation status is not known with certainty
  • With severe deficiency in antibody production

Therapy of clinically manifest tetanus
Tetanus immunoglobulin should always be administered in conjunction with an active tetanus vaccination unless there are contraindications or confirmation of adequate vaccination.

WHO guidelines and other official guidance regarding the use of human tetanus immunoglobulin for intramuscular use should be observed.


Tetanus Immunoglobulin 250 IU


1 prefilled syringe of 1 ml

Dosage Forms

Pre-filled Syringe

ATC Classification



Consult Your Doctor
Safety of this item for use with alcohol has not been established. Please consult your doctor.
Safe if Prescribed
This item is safe for use while operating heavy machinery.
Safe if Prescribed
This item is safe for use during pregnancy.
Safe if Prescribed
This item is safe for use during lactation.


Prophylaxis of Tetanus Prone Wounds

250 IU combinations with 0.5 ml of absorbed tetanus vaccine at contralateral sites of the body unless the risk is through to be extremely high. The dose may be increased to 500 IU in case of:

  • Infected wounds where surgically appropriate treatment cannot be achieved within 24 hours
  • Deep or contaminated wounds with tissue damage and reduced oxygen supply; as well as foreign-body injury (e.g., bites, stings or shots)
  • Extensive burns, congelations
  • Tissue necrosis
  • Septicemic abortion

In case of extensive burns it is advisable to administer a second injection of 250 IU Tetagam at 3-4 weeks interval if the patient is immunosuppressed or if active immunization with tetanus vaccine is contraindicated.

Children and Adults are to receive the same dose.

Therapy of Clinically Manifest Tetanus

Single doses of 3000 to 6000 IU (in combination with other appropriate clinical procedures). Regarding frequency, interval of injection and duration of therapy repeated doses depend on the clinical picture.