Vinorelbine Tartrate 50 mg

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Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer and advanced breast cancer in combination with standard chemotherapy.


Each ml contains Vinorelbine tartrate equivalent to vinorelbine 10 mg


1 vial of 5 ml

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ATC Classification



Consult Your Doctor
Safety of this item for use with alcohol has not been established. Please consult your doctor.
This item may not be safe for use while operating heavy machinery. Use with caution and after consultation with your doctor.
Not Recommended
This item is not safe for use during pregnancy.
Not Recommended
This item is not safe for use during lactation.

Cytotoxic agent


Strictly by intravenous administration after appropriate dilution. The use of intrathecal route is contraindicated.

It is recommended to infuse vinorelbine over 6-10 minutes after dilution in 20-50 ml of 0.9% NaCl injection (normal saline solution) or 5% dextrose solution. Administration should always be followed with at least 250 ml of an isotonic solution infusion to flush the vein.

In monotherapy:
The usual dose given is 25-30 mg/m² once weekly.

In combination chemotherapy:
The dose may be the same while the frequency of administration reduced, i.e.: day 1 and 5 every 3 weeks or day 1 and 8 every 3 weeks according to treatment protocol.

Patients with Renal Insufficiency

No dose adjustments are required for renal insufficiency. If moderate or severe neurotoxicity develops, vinorelbine should be discontinued. The dosage should be adjusted according to hematologic toxicity or hepatic insufficiency, whichever results the lower dose.