Continuous Medical Education

MEDICINUS is a pharmaceutical and medical scientific journal published by PT Dexa Medica. In 2001, for the first time, Dexa Medica published pharmaceutical and medical scientific journals under the name DEXA MEDIA. This journal contains knowledge about pharmacy and medicine, and also news reports on company activities.

Along with the growth of Dexa Medica, the scientific journals made a name change to MEDICINUS in 2008. In contrast to the previous DEXA MEDIA, MEDICINUS provided a more attractive display design and more varied journal contents. The MEDICINUS journal consists of 4 main rubrics, namely Leading Article, Original Article (Case Report and Research), Technology, and Medical Review. So, besides releasing articles about medicine, MEDICINUS also contains articles about pharmaceutical technology. Meanwhile, other supporting articles such as Meet The Expert and Medical News still exist as distinctive features of the journal published by Dexa Medica.

In 2012, MEDICINUS showed a stretch of progress, with the start of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program intended for doctors. The goal of the CME program is to provide medical science updates so that the quality of medical services in Indonesia increases.


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