Dexa Group, a pharmaceutical company with a high international standard in Indonesia, has reaffirmed its commitment to exporting its goods to Europe. Dexa Group inked a collaboration agreement with Allgen Pharmaceutical & Generic B.V from the Netherlands and Bioton S.A from Poland through its subsidiary Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals.

Allgen Pharmaceutical & Generic B.V. signed an agreement to collaborate on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, during the 2022 Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) event at the ICE BSD, Tangerang. The President Director of PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Benny Sutisna Suwarno, and Mr. Leo de Haan, both of whom hold positions as Directors at Allgen Pharmaceutical & Generic B.V from the Netherlands, signed this partnership directly. The Republic of Indonesia’s Zulkifli Hasan, Minister of Trade, also personally observed the confirmation of this agreement.

“By creating local goods assured to be safe, high-quality, and practical, PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals can boost market trust internationally, as seen by the export of pharmaceutical products to the Netherlands. This export demonstrates that pharmaceutical goods from Indonesia can compete with comparable goods from other continents, including the host continent of Europe,” following the signing of the agreement, Mr. Benny stated.

Through the sale of its Glucient SR product, Dexa Group has 2018 gained market share in the Netherlands. The product was well welcomed and accepted by the British market prior to entering the Netherlands. The Dexa Group then recognized business prospects in other European nations.

“We intend to expand in the Netherlands starting next year so we may spread to other nations. Our partner from Allgen also has the same goal, also wants to penetrate other European countries for our products to Luxembourg, Belgium,” according to Mr. Benny.

The decision to cooperate with Ferron was made for several reasons, according to Mr. Paul van Sprang. Mr. Paul claims that Ferron has a product that is not yet available in the Dutch market

“We picked a different Ferron product since instant-release Metformin products predominate in the Netherlands. We choose Ferron because they are the greatest firm to produce this device,” Mr. Paul remarked.

Ferron and Allgen are working together to promote Glucient SR products. A sustained-release anti-diabetic medication is what this medicine provides. For diabetics, sustained-release medicines may be used once daily instead of instant-release products, which need to be taken up to three times daily.

At the Indonesia – Central & Eastern European (INACEE) Business Forum 2022, PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals and Bioton S.A. of Poland inked a collaboration agreement. The leading biotechnology provider for treating type II diabetes mellitus is Bioton S.A.

With this collaboration, Dexa Group reaffirms its dedication to bringing high-quality medications to Poland, a country in Eastern Europe. The partnership between Ferron and Bioton was initiated since 2015, and the first export of Avamina SR products was carried out in 2019.

This time, the signature serves to confirm the post-pandemic collaboration. PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals represent by the Commercial Director, Mr. Johannes Suthya. In contrast, Bioton S.A. represents by the President of the Management Board, Mr. Jeremy Launders, and Members of the Management Board, Mr. Adam Polonek.

“Ferron recognized an opportunity in Poland after finding great success in the British market. According to World Bank data, Poland had a 9% prevalence of diabetes in 2011, which was much higher than the UK’s 5.2%. Ferron used this opening to join the Polish market with the help of diabetes medication with the brand name Avamina SR. The Indonesian metformin product Avamina SR first appeared on the Polish market,” according to Mr. Johannes.

Poland has strict regulations for pharmaceutical products. High standards, oversight, and criteria all need to be followed. Poland applies a “national procedure” registration system, so registering a product takes a long time. Poland is also connected to the EU registration system to cross-check the items being registered with one another.

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of the Dexa Group, founded in 2001. Ferron has become one of Indonesia’s 15 major pharmaceutical firms in 10 years due to its strong commitment and dedication to the pharmaceutical sector (Joint IHPA + IPA 2005, IMS audits). This achievement has been accomplished by ongoing attempts to innovate.

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals is a leading company committed to adding considerable value to the interests of consumers, business partners, and other stakeholders via innovation and high-quality goods in tandem with the most excellent service to attain health for everyone. This commitment is carried out effectively, efficiently, and sustainably on a national, regional, and global scale.