STIMUNO Kids won the Indonesia Mom’s Favorite Kids Brand Awards 2022 for its performance in becoming one of the favorite vitamin products in 2021. This prize was granted by HerStory, a company that focuses on women’s concerns ranging from health to life.

With the theme “The Power Of Mother’s Love,” Chief Editor of HerStory, Mrs. Clara Aprilia, stated HerStory believes in Mom’s choice of products and services from the brands and companies. It can meet the needs in the family to maintain the health and quality of life of children to build the future, undoubtedly capable of contributing to the nation and the State.” “Through this award, HerStory hopes that the greatest children’s brand in Indonesia will continue to be inventive and adaptable in assisting moms in caring for and fulfilling their children,” Mrs. Clara stated.

As a keynote speaker, Mrs. Titi Eko Rahayu, Expert Staff of the Minister for Poverty Reduction of the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, advised every parent, especially mothers, to continue to pay attention to child nutrition the nation’s future generation. “In the health sector, satisfying children’s nutritional needs is the most important element that must be considered to sustain children’s quality of life.” “The role of moms and families as pioneers and reporters is critical to maintaining children’s resilience and growth during the pandemic,” stated Mrs. Titi.

Mrs. Clara Aprilia, HerStory’s Chief Editor, presented the award symbolically, accompanied by HerStory’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mrs. Rini Irawati, and was virtually accepted by Mrs. Firdha Wanda, Senior Brand Manager of Stimuno, on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

“Thank you to the Indonesian people, particularly the wonderful mothers who picked and trusted Stimuno as the only herbal immune supplement for meniran that has been clinically tested or has phytopharmaca status in Indonesia for both children and families. We hope that we are always healthy during a pandemic, and stimuno will be more trusted as the immunomodulator that helps improve the body’s immune system,” said Mrs. Firdha stated.

From November 2021 to January 2022, the Warta Ekonomi research team and the HerStory editing team used an online survey method. The prize winners were chosen directly by 2000 Indonesian respondents who fit the criteria of housewives with children aged 5 to 12 years.

This survey focuses on the goods and brands that mothers select for their children, taking into account health and quality considerations such as ensuring that the product is original, certified by BPOM, with a precise, clear composition, and the child’s choice for the product used. Furthermore, it is evaluated using a variety of factors such as firm reputation, publications, and advertising.