STIMUNO received another Top Brand Award 2020 for 11 consecutive years. Launched in 1999, the brand has achieved numerous awards and achievements during its 20-year journey as an immunomodulator in Indonesia, as reported in Marketing Magazine 06/XX/June 2020.

Commercial Director of PT Dexa Medica, V. Hery Sutanto said that STIMUNO as a phytopharmaceutical product contributes to the acceleration of the independence of the pharmaceutical industry with natural raw materials from Indonesia as it provides values and high economic multiplier to the Indonesian community, especially farmers.

“Recently, many people are looking for vitamins and immunomodulators. This phenomenon creates high public awareness of Indonesian products, such as STIMUNO. STIMUNO is booming in the market, and we are happy to hear that meniran (Phyllanthus urinaria) farmers can also feel the benefits from this,” said Mr. Hery.

Sales and Marketing Director Consumer Health Dexa PT Dexa Medica, Andrew Sulistya said this award is a testament to STIMUNO’s commitment as one of the Indonesian Original Modern Medicines and the only phytopharmaceutical to improve the body’s immune system that is always trusted by the public and has been clinically tested.

“Especially in the midst of pandemic where the immune system becomes the key to fight against the COVID-19 virus infection. STIMUNO as an immunomodulator plays an important role in maintaining the immune system both as a preventive and curative method,” said Andrew.

The article also reported that STIMUNO is an immunomodulator made from meniran herbs that work directly on the immune system to improve immune function in the body. The body’s immunity serves as a defense against infection, especially during a pandemic.

STIMUNO ensures the safety and efficacy of its products through clinical testing in Indonesia, making STIMUNO the only immunomodulator with a phytopharmaceutical certificate from BPOM RI.