For the eighth time, STIMUNO won the Top Brand for Kids Immune System Vitamin Category from Marketing Magazine. This award is determined based on the results of a Marketing Magazine survey in collaboration with Frontier Consulting Group.

Top Brand for Kids Award 2017 was handed over by the Editor in Chief of Marketing Magazine Anang Ghozali accompanied by Managing Director of Marketing Magazine Adyo Bawono to National Sales Manager CHD Andreas Sri Widada at Ballroom One, Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta on Friday, May 5, 2017. Also present at this event, Head of Corporate Communications Dexa Group, Sonny Himawan.

Based on the Frontier Consulting Group survey, STIMUNO managed to obtain a Top Brand Index (TBI) of 51.9 percent. The value of this TBI far exceeds other product nominees in the same category which only reached 8.1 percent and 3.1 percent. Compared to previous year survey results, this year, STIMUNO’s TBI increased significantly compared to the previous year which only reached 48%.

The Top Brands for Kids & Teens award 2017 is given to brands targeting the children and the teen market. This year is the 9th year of this awards show. The Top Brand for Kids and Teens Award is determined by survey, so that Top Brand winners are the purest brand that was chosen by Indonesian consumers gained through the survey.

This event is also a place for company owners to see the strength of their brand. On the other hand, consumers can also see what brands are best known to the public for the category of children and teenagers.
The survey was conducted by Frontier Consulting Group with Marketing Magazine, by taking to 2,500 respondents covering 5 major cities namely Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Medan.

On this occasion, Chairman of the Kadin’s Export Development Committee, Handito Joewono, delivered his speech on the importance of having a strong brand, and hope that the brands that succeed in the domestic market, can also penetrate overseas markets.

Not to be missed also a brief business presentation delivered by Handi Irawan, CEO of Frontier Consulting Group. In his presentation, he explained that the children and teenagers market is a unique market, interesting to observe, and often raises surprises in terms of product innovation. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica