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Due to the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, we are no longer able to entertain walk-in visits to our headquarters or any of our facilities.

Our History

52 years of determined excellence


In 1969, Drs. Rudy Soetikno Apt., a young pharmacist serving in the Indonesian Army, noted the scarce supply of medicine around him. To alleviate this situation, he decided to utilise his knowledge of medicine, setting up a small pharmacy with friends to produce tablets. This small pharmacy rapidly acquired a reputation for producing highly effective prescription drugs, facilitating its expansion into other pharmaceuticals, facilities, and markets. By 1978, its products were available across all parts of Indonesia. Its name, “Dexa”, was derived from the Greek word for 10, a symbol of perfection.
Thus began Dexa Group, now among Southeast Asia’s largest pharmaceutical providers and a key strategic asset for Indonesia. The group applies its expertise in discovery, formulation, manufacturing, and marketing to supply highly sophisticated pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, supplements, and herbal medicines throughout Southeast Asia. It still maintains its trademark relentless emphasis on producing medicines of the highest quality. In fact, Dexa Group also works closely with the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Association to improve compliance standards across the entire industry.


Operationally, Dexa Group prioritizes four key areas:

Resource Management


Strategic Alliances

Change Management

These priorities have helped Dexa consistently outperform the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry for over twenty-five years. In view of the burgeoning demand for its products, Dexa Group has redoubled its research, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities. Today, it comprises three renowned companies:

Engaging life
Expertise for the
Promotion of Health
Innovation, Quality, Care

Basic beliefs

All team members at Dexa Group are expected to:

Strive for excellence

A commitment to provide the best possible value to our customers

Act professionally

An emphasis on honesty and integrity

Deal with care

An effort to always understand and respect one another