Dexa Group in collaboration with the Local Government (pemda) of Wonosobo Regency and the Indonesian National Police (Polri), held social services in the form of free health checks and medical treatment and the inauguration of communal latrines. This social service is intended to support and improve the health of the Wonosobo community in an effort to prevent disease risks.

The social service event which was held at the Wonosobo Regency Hall and continued in Bitih Village, Kalijakar District was attended by the Operational Assistant (Asops) of the Indonesian National Police, Mr. Inspector General. Pol. Agung Setya Imam Effendi, SH., S.IK., M.Sc., Regent of Wonosobo Mr. H. Afif Nurhidayat, S.Ag., Deputy Regent of Wonosobo Drs. H. Muhammad Albar, M.M., Head of Dexa Medica Mr. V. Hery Sutanto, and Corporate Affairs Director of Dexa Group Mr. Tarcisius T. Randy.

The Deputy Regent of Wonosobo, Mr. Muhammad Albar, stated that prevention of disease risk becomes important, whether or not the quality of public health is good or bad.

“We hope that the social service activities in the form of free health check-ups and the inauguration of a communal latrine in the Butuh village in collaboration with the Dexa Group, the local government, and the National Police will encourage better health for the people of Wonosobo,” he said.

Meanwhile, Asopsi Kapolri, Mr. Inspector General Pol Agung Setya explained that Polri is present in the midst of society to provide security and safety for citizens.

“Good health is a form of community safety. And we ensure that the health of the Wonosobo people is well maintained through frequent health check-ups and treatment activities as was held this morning, as well as supporting facilities to create a culture of clean living in the countryside,” explained Inspector General Pol Agung Setya.

The same thing was conveyed by the Dexa Group. In his remarks, Mr. Tarcisius said that this social service event was held according to the Dexa Group’s foundation, namely Expertise for the Promotion of Health, which aims to improve the health of the people of Wonosobo, considering that currently there is an increase in cases of non-communicable diseases.

“Dharma Dexa, as part of the Dexa Group, is supported by OGB Dexa as a generic drug brand with the logo produced by Dexa, implementing the company’s foundation while embodying one of the core values, namely Deal with Care or concern for others whose role is to increase concern for public health in accordance with Dexa Group’s core business in the health sector,” explained Mr. Tarcisius.

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Inauguration of the Construction of Clean Living Culture Facilities in Butuh Village

In addition to holding free health checks and treatment at the Regency Hall, social services were also held in Butuh Village, Kalikajar District, Wonosobo. This social service for the villagers took the form of inaugurating the construction of a communal latrine facility as an effort to improve the culture of clean living for the residents.

Wonosobo Regent Mr. Afif Nurhidayat said that there are two main homework that must be solved in Wonosobo at this time, namely poverty and stunting, whose rates are still high.

“Stunting is not only a midwife’s problem, not only a village head’s problem, but this is a collective problem,” said the Regent of Wonosobo.

Deputy Regent of Wonosobo Mr. Muhammad Albar added that the health of the people of Wonosobo has improved, but from a certain point of view, it requires more attention, especially for villages that are still in extreme poverty, stunting problems, and a low culture of healthy living.

“Therefore, with the assistance provided by various parties, the Regional Government of Wonosobo Regency gives appreciation and thanks to the National Police and the Dexa Group, who have carried out social services in Wonosobo,” said Mr. Muhammad Albar.

The same thing was conveyed by Dexa Group in Mr. Tarcisius’ remarks. Mr. Tarcisius said that the health social service held was a form of Dexa Group’s concern for improving public health and stunting intervention.

“This is in accordance with the foundation of the Dexa Group, namely Expertise for the Promotion of Health, which aims for better health for the people of Wonosobo. Dharma dexa as part of the Dexa Group is supported by OGB Dexa as a generic drug brand with the logo produced by Dexa and also HerbaAsimor as Indigenous Indonesian Modern Medicine product that helps increase the quantity and quality of breast milk, plays a role in supporting public health as well as reducing stunting in Wonosobo,” explained Mr. Tarcisius.