Dexa Group participated at the 38th Trade Expo Indonesia as a sign of commitment and continuity in the export industry. Dexa Group took part by setting up a booth with top export products such as Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI), Boska, and Glucient SR.

Mrs. Gracianti Soetikno, Commissioner of Dexa Group, and Mr. Anndy Sembiring, International Business Director of PT Dexa Medica, were there to take visitors through the booth and greet eager guests who inquired about Dexa Group’s top export products.

Mrs. Gracianti noted that Dexa Group continues to grow its export market to boost competitiveness. “Dexa Group has been exporting its products since 1993 to Myanmar and has export experience to 19 countries worldwide,” added Mrs. Gracianti.

Indonesian Indigenous Modern Medicine goods are original Indonesian goods that are internationally competitive and the outcome of research by the nation’s youngsters. “We hope that through Trade Expo Indonesia, our products will become more widely known, not only in the domestic market but also in the international market through events that bring in potential new buyers,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anndy Sembiring claimed that OMAI products are currently being shipped to various Asian countries, including Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and Africa, namely Nigeria and also America.

“By exporting OMAI goods to numerous countries, Dexa Group has contributed to supporting national pharmaceutical independence that is internationally competitive. As a result, we will continue to seek ways to expand the export market in the future,” Mr. Anndy stated.

Dr. Michael Dokup, Curative Health Service Director NCD Provincial Health Authority of Papua New Guinea, was one of the booth visitors who expressed interest in importing Indonesian products to the country.

“Medicinal products in Indonesia are far more effective than in other countries such as India and Europe. With Dexa’s certification, this is a good attraction for our needs,” Dr. Michael stated.

Apart from exceptional export products, the Dexa Group booth featured many natural components for OMAI products, including cinnamon for Inlacin and Redacid products, bungur leaves (Inlacin), katuk leaves (Morlactan and HerbaAsimor), meniran (Stimuno), and ginger (HerbaKOF). Aside from that, visitors may sample HerbaKOF goods, both the original flavour and the new HerbaKOF variety, HerbaKOF strong mint.