Dexa Group was awarded The Best Indonesia Public Relations in the Health Sector by the Indonesia Corporate Public Relation Awards (IPRA) 2023. Dexa Group has won the IPRA Award for the fifth time since 2018.

With the theme “Winning Economic Growth Through Consistent Collaboration”, IPRA 2023 is being held to give the highest award to public relations companies, with excellent roles and functions to improve the quality of companies during increasingly fierce industrial competition and improving Indonesian economic conditions. In addition to practitioners of Public Relations, the event was also attended by Directorate General of Information and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Teuku Faizasyah.

According to Mr Teuku, the role of public relations is very important on an international scale. “The role of public relations in all aspects has the same responsibility. Therefore, the 2023 Indonesia Public Relations Awards are an event that provides a forum to discuss the important role of public relations,” said Teuku.

The CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Warta Ekonomi, Mr. Muhamad Ihsan, conveyed the same thing. “This award is expected to improve the company’s performance in the future and make Indonesia better,” said Mr. Muhamad Ihsan.

The award was received by the Director of Corporate Affairs of the Dexa Group, Mr. Tarcisius T. Randy, which was handed over directly by Mr. Muhammad Ihsan accompanied by the Warta Ekonomi Business Director, Mr. Edy Nurmansyah, on Friday, 24 February 2023.

Mr. Tarcisius expressed his gratitude for the appreciation given by Warta Ekonomi. “It is an honor and pride for us, Dexa Group has been entrusted by Warta Ekonomi to receive the 2023 Indonesia Public Relations Awards in the Best Public Relations in Health Sector category,” said Mr. Tarcisius.

According to Mr. Tarcisius, this award proves the important role of Public Relations in the health sector, especially in preventive and promotive health efforts aimed at increasing public awareness, reducing the economic burden rather than treatment, and increasing a better quality of life.

“In accordance with the company foundation of Dexa Group: Expertise for the Promotion of Health, we will continue to contribute in accordance with our expertise, namely in the health and medicine sector and continue to promote Original Indonesian Modern Medicine Fitofarmaka as a solution to Indonesia’s health resilience and independence,” said Mr. Tarcisius .

A total of 113 companies from various sectors received the IPRA 2023 award which was determined through the desk research method by looking at company performance in 2022, as well as media monitoring of mainstream media and social media in Indonesia. Monitoring is carried out in the 2022 period for news withsentimen positif yang dimuat dalam periode tersebut.