Dexa Medica participated in the Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT) of the Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia (IAI) in Solo City, Central Java, on August 24 -26, 2023, as a form of collaboration in supporting advancement and facing challenges in the pharmaceutical and health fields in accordance with the Dexa Medica’s core purpose, Expertise for the Promotion of Health. Dexa Medica participated in the event by establishing booths and displaying production facility mini-sites, providing interactive activities to raise awareness of Dexa Medica products, and serving as a source person in three scientific symposiums in front of 1,000 IAI pharmacist members.

The Governor of Central Java, Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, the Chair of IAI, Mr. Noffendri, and a number of officials from the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, and BPOM RI were present at this activity. Corporate Affairs Director Mr. Tarcisius Tanto Randy, Sales Director OGB-Zeta Mr. Jopie Johansyah, and Head of Corporate Communications Dexa Group Mr. Sonny Himawan were also present from the Dexa Group.

The theme for PIT IAI 2023 is “Synergizing Global Innovations: Empowering Pharmacy for Sustainable Global Health Solutions.” This theme reflects the need for worldwide collaboration in the pharmaceutical field to resolve issues, particularly in the pharmaceutical and health fields.

In his remarks, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, emphasized the importance of pharmacists in research and innovation to manufacture Indonesian herbal medicines.

“Innovation research is required since it is an end-to-end component. We have large forests, seas with exceptional research, and numerous universities. The concern is whether it is self-sufficient for herbal remedies and others. Yes, we can be self-sufficient in herbal medications and so on; all we need to do is deploy, develop, and expand our research,” Mr. Ganjar stated.

According to Mr. Noffendri, this reflects the importance of worldwide collaboration in the pharmaceutical field in providing sustainable health solutions in the globalization era. “We are witnessing the transformation of health challenges, from equitable access to pharmaceuticals to the challenges of a global pandemic that we have faced together,” he remarked.

Dexa Medica Contribution to PIT IAI

Dexa Medica participated in scientific symposium events and set up a booth at the PIT IAI meeting.

Dexa Medica established the OGBdexa booth, which included OGB goods with a high Domestic Component Level (TKDN). OGBdexa goods are Dexa Medica’s efforts to provide Indonesians with access to medicines with guaranteed quality, efficacy, and quality that are also affordable.

To demonstrate the resilience of domestic pharmaceuticals, Dexa Medica also set up a booth with a microsite that has gained national and international standard certification.

PIT IAI attendees can interact directly with Dexa Medica’s digital assistant, “Danny,” who can provide information about Dexa Medica’s medicines. Aside from that, there are mini-games and magic mirrors, making it an enjoyable experience for hundreds of PIT IAI visitors.

Dexa Medica also contributed to scientific symposium activities by being the source person in three symposiums. Mrs. Yosephine Dian Hendrawati, Scientific Communication Senior Specialist Dexa Medica, delivered the inaugural symposium on the role of OGB and its commitment to providing hypertension medications to hypertension patients in Indonesia.

Ms. Sulviria, Anugrah Argon Medica’s Quality Assurance Manager, delivered the second and third symposiums, explaining the distribution of precursors from pharmaceutical businesses to other facilities and resolving customer complaints at Perusahaan Besar Farmasi (PBF).