Glucient SR, Top Indonesia Global Brands 2018

Glucient SR, a product from PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, selected to be Top Original Brands from Indonesia in SWA magazine edition on August 2018. Glucient SR selected to be the Top 25 Indonesia Global Brands 2018 category which is one of the best Indonesian products at domestic and global..

Glucient SR which is Sustain Release Metformin, is a medicine for people with diabetes, developed by scientists Indonesia through a difficult and complex process. The values over the others is dissolve slowly in disgestion with regular consumption.

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals successfully exported Glucient SR to global markets for the category ‘Highly Regulated Market’, or strict in terms of quality. Some of countries included are US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Germany to England. PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals recorded as the first Indonesian pharmaceutical company through the UK market.

In UK, Glucient SR into UK National Health Care System or as a JKN program on English version. The success is also pride for PT Ferrron Par Pharmaceuticals that always trying to take an active role in the treatment for diabetes patient globally.

After recognized in the world, Glucient SR from PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals also pay attention in their own country, Indonesia. On 2017, PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals awarded Primaniyarta Award 2017. Primaniyarta is the highest award given by the Government of Indonesia to exporters who have been the most outstanding in the field of export and can be an example for other exporters.

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals also got first number and awarded Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) 2018 on Platinum Award category. OCI Award is one and only global innovation awards for companies that innovate continuously and make creativity endlessly to perform consistently and completely.

The award has increasingly motivated PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals to always continue bring Indonesia in the global pharmaceutical world. Corporate Communications Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals.