For more than 17 years, STIMUNO, the first phytopharmaca immunomodulator in Indonesia, had been relied on by the Indonesian Family to support the health of their immune systems.

For this accomplishment, STIMUNO earned the Top 5 Indonesian Mom’s Favorite Brands for Multivitamin Category in the Household & Personal Care (non-food) Category of the Indonesian Mom’s Favorite Brand Choice Awards 2022. This honor was given by HerStory, a website that focuses on the concerns of women, from health to life, and is a division of

The topic chosen in 2022 is On The Homeward Bound To A Stronger Family. HerStory thinks that products and services selected by Indonesian housewives are the most influential brands and businesses. It hopes to satisfy families’ needs to preserve health and enhance the quality of family life to develop their family’s future.

The theme representation of the transformation that families are going through as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “By exhibiting mothers’ choices, we intended to highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic altered their preferences,” said HerStory Editor in Chief, Mrs. Clara Aprilia, in her speech.

The Director of Processed Food Standardization of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), Mrs. Anisyah, S.Si, Apt., MP, and Expert Staff to the Minister of Industry for Business Climate and Investment, Mr. Andi Rizaldi, are both in attendance and serving as keynote speakers. Mrs. Anisyah contends that ensuring food security must begin in the home to ensure the country’s quality. Mrs. Anisyah stated that mothers are leading the charge in the fight for a wholesome lifestyle to uphold children’s quality of life.

The Minister of Industry’s Expert Staff in the Area of Business Climate and Investment, Mr. Andi Rizaldi, added that contemporary business and industry players had made significant contributions to the success of their organizations. The prizes that businesspeople have earned, Mr. Andi said, “perhaps may continue to encourage better excitement and drive in the following year,”.

HerStory’s Chief Editor symbolically gave the award, Mrs. Clara Aprilia, accompanied by HerStory’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mrs. Rini Irawati, and received by the Head of Marketing Consumer Health Dexa, Mrs. Irene Dwi Sari, virtually on Wednesday 31 August 2022.

“We are grateful to Herstory for honoring us with the Indonesian Mom’s Favorite Brand Choice Awards in 2022. Thanks to Indonesian families, especially mothers who trust Stimuno as an immunomodulator phytopharmaceutical in Indonesia,” said Ibu Irene.

Ibu Irene also stated, “We also need assistance from all parties through this award so that families are more worried about their immunity and health requirements,”.

Between July 2022 and August 2022, the HerStory study team interviewed 2,000 respondents from throughout Indonesia via an online poll. Both stay-at-home mothers and working mothers made up the study’s respondents.
The HerStory research team also employs a media monitoring strategy using the boolean technique to track various favorable feelings about established product and service brands that surface in the mainstream media or social media.

This poll focus on the brands and products you select for your family while considering health and quality factors, such as making sure the product is authentic and BPOM-certified so that its ingredients are evident. Additionally, it is evaluated based on several characteristics, including publications, advertising, and corporate reputation.