The Indonesian Pharmaceutical Companies Association (GP Farmasi) held an interactive dialogue entitled “Safe Medicinal Syrups for Children”. It was revealed that the requirement for safe syrup preparations is in accordance with the provisions of the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM).

“BPOM in conducting evaluations, in issuing permits, many standards are used both nationally and internationally. What BPOM is doing is international best practice,” said Plt. Director of BPOM Drug Registration, Ms. Tri Asti Isnariani in an event held at the Royal Kuningan Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

BPOM always carries out strict supervision. Pharmaceutical companies are required to carry out tests and verification of quality assurance systems. After all requirements are met, BPOM periodically releases a list of safe medicines.

“From November to January, around 616 drugs have been declared safe as long as they are used according to the rules for use,” added Mrs. Asti.

The supervision by the Government of Indonesia on medicines containing Ethylene Glycol (EG) – Diethylene Glycol (DEG) contaminants has also received appreciation from WHO. This was disclosed by the Director of Pharmaceutical Production and Distribution of the Directorate General of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Health, Ms. Agusdini Banun Saptaningsih.

“The Ministry of Health and BPOM have announced the safe list. In the e-catalog, there are several drugs that have been published and declared safe by BPOM. The Ministry of Health works closely with BPOM and business players, to always test. The Ministry of Health wants business players to test their products regularly,” said Mrs. Agusdini.

Chairman of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), dr. Piprim Basarah Yanuarso then explained that drugs that have been declared safe by the Ministry of Health and BPOM are safe for consumption. “If the Ministry of Health and BPOM say it is safe, then we believe it,” said dr. Piprim.

Meanwhile the general chairman of the Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI), apt. Noffendri Roestam revealed that medicines produced in Indonesia are safe for consumption. In line with Mr. Noffendri, ITB Professor of Pharmacology Prof. apt. I Ketut Adnyana emphasized that medicines produced according to regulations are safe for consumption.

“People don’t have to worry about taking drugs. People have to improve health literacy, so they are wise and smart about using drugs. If one of our family members needs medicine, it must be obtained immediately,” said Prof. Ketut.

At the end of the dialogue, the Executive Director of GP Pharmacy, Mr. Elfiano Rizaldi, concluded that the government had ensured the quality of the drugs that had been declared safe. “The government has conducted and closely monitored related aspects of drug quality. The authority to determine the quality of safe drugs is BPOM. Drugs that are confirmed to be safe can be purchased at pharmacies and hospitals and other health facilities,” he said.

OMAI Phytopharmaca Stimuno, Clinically Tested and Safe

One of the medicinal syrup products that has been declared safe by BPOM is Stimuno through letter number B-PW. Stimuno is an Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI) which has been clinically tested so it is certified as Phytopharmaca.

“Stimuno is the only herbal immunomodulator certified by Phytopharmaca, made from green meniran, works directly on the immune system and has been certified halal,” said President Director of PT Dexa Medica, Mr. V Hery Sutanto who was also present at the event.

Head of Consumer Marketing Heath Dexa, Mrs. Irene Dwi Sari educates mothers not to worry about using Stimuno’s phytopharmaca syrup. “As long as mothers carefully read the labels and give them according to the rules for use, there’s no need to worry about using Stimuno syrup. Moreover, Stimuno syrup has been declared safe by the POM Agency. However, you still have to use it according to the rules for use and get used to looking at the safety label,” said Mrs. Irene .

Phytopharmaca Medicine Syrup is the Choice of Caca Tengker when Mothers Are Still Worried about Drug Syrup Contamination Cases

The case of Ethylene Glycol / Diethylene Glycol (EG/DEG) contaminating drug syrup that occurred since August 2022 and following the ban on its sale, influenced mothers’ decisions in buying medicinal syrup for toddlers. Artist Caca Tengker who is also a mother with two children decided to use a phytopharmaca syrup that has been proven safe and has been clinically tested in humans.

“The case of contaminated syrup that occurred some time ago, of course, really affected. Because at that time I was confused about the clarity of the news and especially when I wanted to buy immune products that were routinely consumed because they were not allowed to be sold when I visited a regular pharmacy,” said Caca Tengker.

According to Caca, there are several things that need to be considered in choosing medicinal syrup. “Usually I choose products that already have a phytopharmaca certificate and are also clinically tested to protect the immune system. I feel safe if the product already has a phytopharmaca certificate because it means the product has been clinically tested on humans,” said Caca.

However, according to Caca, before buying the medicinal syrup she needed to look for a lot of information. “I have to know the syrup that I buy, so I diligently browse on trusted government websites to get the latest information updates as well as to ensure that the products I usually consume are declared safe. For example, when I bought the Stimuno immunomodulator. I have to make sure Stimuno is trusted. And there is proof of this, because Stimuno is the only immunomodulator product that has been certified by Phytopharmaca and has been clinically tested on humans, uses herbal ingredients, namely meniran extract, safe for consumption in the long term, and most importantly it has been declared safe for consumption by BPOM,” said Caca.