STIMUNO received the WOW Brand 2019 award from the survey agency MarkPlus Insight for its consistency of being the most recommended immunomodulator brand to family, relatives, and friends for the last 20 years. Dexa’s Consumer Health Group Brand Manager, Theodorus Sugiarto Halim received the award at the Indonesia WOW Brand Festive Day on Thursday, March 14 at the Raffles Hotel, Jakarta.

Director of Marketing & Sales for Consumer Health Dexa, Andrew Sulistya said that this award reflects the public acknowledgment of STIMUNO’s 20-year consistency as an immunomodulator product that always prioritizes consumer satisfaction.

“STIMUNO continues to develop product variants to meet the needs of our customers. Answering the demand of all ages, both children and adults, STIMUNO is now available in different flavors like original, grapefruit, and grape and comes in various packagings, such as syrup, capsules, bottles, stick packs, and strips. Hopefully, with this improvement, Indonesian people will always recommend STIMUNO to their family, relatives and friends,” said Andrew.

“STIMUNO is the only immunomodulatory phytopharmaceutical product that serves to improve the body’s immune system. This award has increased the brand value of STIMUNO, which has been around in Indonesia for 20 years. We hope STIMUNO as one of Dexa Medica’s OTC flagships can be a role model to other herbal brands,” said Head of Corporate Communications Dexa Group, Sonny Himawan.

STIMUNO is an immunomodulator made from meniran (Phylantus Niruri) extract. This product is one of five herbal medicines in Indonesia that have obtained a certificate for phytopharmaceutical. Stimuno has also been exported and marketed to several countries in Asia, such as Cambodia and Vietnam.