Dexa Group, the leading pharmaceutical company from Indonesia, is ramping up its business in Southeast Asia with the launch of Glorious Dexa Singapore, Pte. Ltd. (GDS) based in Singapore.

Dexa Group has exported medicines to various countries starting with Myanmar since 1993 and began exporting international standard medicines to Singapore in 2000. Through GDS, Dexa Group now leverages its contribution to Singapore’s healthcare sector.

In efforts to penetrate the market and boost the healthcare sector in Singapore, GDS offers several competitive values including European GMP Certificate, End to End Competency, Research Discovery Ability, Reliability in IT, Supply Chain, and Service Areas to maintain the value of Dexa Group’s high-quality products as well as to increase the accessibility of medicines for the Singapore market.

Dexa Group’s products that are coming to Singapore are originated from 5 Dexa Group production facilities that have its own excellence. PT Dexa Medica factory in Palembang specializes in standard international quality products, such as Regular Solid (tablets, capsules, and syrup powder) and Cephalosporins. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals in Cikarang, West Java which has a liquid injectable dosage capacity ​​experts in modern technology and export orientation. Meanwhile, PT Beta Pharmacon in Karawang, West Java facilitates large capacity. Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS) and Dexa Development Center (DDC) concentrate on research and development of nature biodiversity. Lastly, PT Fonko International in Cikarang is a facility for oncology products.

​​Dexa Group Chairman, Ferry Soetikno said the launch of GDS is a testament to Dexa Group’s consistency in contributing to public health globally, including in Singapore. “This is Dexa Group’s commitment in line with our core purpose to be the Expertise for the Promotion of Health. We continue striving to become a Respected International Pharma Company and escalate the Singapore market with the launch of GDS,” said Ferry.

Ferry added Dexa Group not only carries out trade exports but also is always committed to the health of the wider community on national, regional, and global levels through its high-quality pharmaceutical products, especially ethical products and the high-quality OTC products manufactured with modern technology, including Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicines.

“To improve public health and ensure the availability of quality, safe, and affordable medicines, we hope this relationship will continue to be established and improved so that it will not only have a positive impact on the business relations but also on the trade and diplomatic of Indonesia and Singapore,” said Mr. Ferry.

Singapore is placed fourth in the world on the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) and has the best hospital facilities in the world. Singapore General Hospital (SGH) was named by Newsweek as the third best hospital in the world, winning over John Hopkins and Tokyo University Hospital.

GDS has a strategic role and position to increase the use of Indonesian pharmaceutical products for the global community. In addition to realizing the independence of the domestic pharmaceutical industry as mandated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, Dexa Group through GDS supports the role of the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry internationally.