Dexa Medica, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in Indonesia through its Nigerian distribution partner Orange Drugs Ltd launches a very effective and highly recommended cold and cough brand named Konos. Konos, aimed at providing relief from cold and cough disturbing and interrupting the daily lives and activities of Nigerians.

At the launch of the product, held in Kano, on the 3rd of June 2021, the company’s Country Manager for Nigeria and West. Africa, Dhanang Riyo Anggoro, revealed that the drug is a double attack against cold and cough in Nigeria. According to him, cold and cough are the commonest infectious diseases in human beings. This is why Dexa Medica, decided to produce and launch Konos in Nigeria to tackle the health issues, inconveniences and stress caused by cold and cough which always put a pause in the daily active live of a productive Nigerian adult.

While unveiling Konos, the Country Manager, Mr Riyo expressed his pleasure and optimism by noting that Konos will help to curb the high rate of cold and cough infections in Nigeria. He noted that “Konos is the right solution for any type of cold and cough you may feel. Konos has and not limited to these four major medicinal advantages, namely relieves all types of cold and coughs, relieves sore throat, eases breathing, and also soothes your nerve to make you relax while you recover from the stress caused by cold and cough.

Dr. Chinedu Aniobi, a family Health consultant, opines that “according to the International journal of Drug Development and Research, cold and cough are two of the most common infectious diseases in human beings. He further observed and inserts that “Konos is not an ordinary cold and cough medication, it works to relief cold and flu symptoms such as, nasal congestion, sneezing and dry cough.”

He went on to say that Human rhinovirus is responsible for 50-80% of all common colds and the rest are caused by influenza, adenovirus, or enterovirus. Active cough is usually caused by common colds. Symptoms of cold such as sore throat, sneezing, running nose, and nasal congestion appear between one or two days after exposure to the virus. Konos is a unique brand with a double attack combination (antihistamine/analgesic/decongestant + an antitussive) for the treatment of cold and cough.

Although cold and cough remain a major health challenge in our environment and the world at large, the advent of the novel and unique combination therapy in KONOS that is highly efficacious, cost-effective and with low side-effect profile bodes well for the treatment of this health challenge now and in the near future. Key business partners of Dexa Medica – Orange Drugs and major distributors, pharmacists, wholesalers and retailers from different parts of the country were at the launch to welcome the new product into the market