The Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia appreciates Dexa Group through PT Dexa Medica as an industry that contributes to research and development activities to produce pharmaceutical products that have competitive advantage and innovation. Minister of Research and Technology (Menristek) / Head of the Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Prof. Bambang PS Brodjonegoro The Institute stated that Indonesian research and development is encouraged to be of international standard, innovative and competitive.

“To accelerate the achievement of outcomes by relying on innovation capabilities that reflect the uniqueness of Indonesia’s potential, we want to produce an innovative product at the global level, one of which is innovative products whose raw materials or basic ingredients are unique in Indonesia such as flora or fauna originating from the diversity of biodiversity resources us,” said Prof. Bambang in his direction at the R&D Institution Appreciation event, at the Kemenristek/BRIN Office, Jakarta.

The Innovative Industrial Research and Development Institution (IIRDI) Award 2019 was given by the Director-General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology Ismunandar to the Executive Director of Dexa Laboratories Biomolecular Sciences PT Dexa Medica Dr. Raymond Tjandrawinata.

Dexa Medica’s success in winning the IIRDI Award 2019 is because it is considered consistent in conducting research and development activities, utilizing and developing R&D results from R&D institutions/universities, and producing innovative products through R&D activities. This IIRDI award is the second for Dexa Group after previously receiving the same award in 2018 through DLBS PT Dexa Medica.

According to Dr. Raymond, one of Dexa Medica’s roles as a pharmaceutical industry through the R&D institution DLBS is to support the government’s efforts to realize the independence of raw materials for medicines. This is because 95 percent of medicinal raw materials are still imported from India, China, and Europe.

DLBS as a research organization for natural ingredients has been researching and producing active raw materials for herbal medicines. This effort is a step to encourage the independence of national medicinal raw materials while at the same time providing added value to the Indonesian economy because it empowers farmers to distributors.

“With this effort, DLBS, which for a dozen years has encouraged the use of innovative domestic R&D products and has superior quality, can strengthen the competitiveness of Indonesian pharmaceutical products, and in particular reduce the export of medicinal raw materials,” he said.

Together with hundreds of scientists, DLBS PT Dexa Medica has produced products including diabetes medicine Fitofarmaka which has been exported to Cambodia and other ASEAN countries namely Inlacin, Disolf to improve blood circulation, Redacid for stomach disorders, Herba Family series such as HerbaKOF for cough medicine, HerbaCOLD for the flu, HerbaPAIN for headaches and muscle aches, and HerbaVOMITZ for stomach disorders.

Currently, R&D activities at Dexa Medica have been independently accredited by KNAPP auditors (Kemenristek BRIN) and AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International).

On that occasion, Dr. Raymond also expressed his gratitude and gratitude to the Ministry of Research and Technology for the appreciation given. The award given is a form of government appreciation for the research and development activities of scientists at Dexa Medica.

“With this appreciation, we hope to be even more enthusiastic about conducting R&D activities in producing innovative and high-quality pharmaceutical products so that they are beneficial to the wider community, nation, and country,” said Dr. Raymond.

Dr. Raymond added that the selection of Dexa Medica to get the IIRDI Award 2019 was due to dedication to product research and development to downstream, patent acquisition, intellectual property to product commercialization, not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

At least 50 innovation products and scientific publications that have been carried out by Dexa Medica related to R&D activities over the last four years. These innovative products include extracts of natural ingredients for diabetes, gastric disorders, anti-nausea, and bloating, as well as extracts of natural ingredients for coughs and flu. In addition, about 42 patents related to research products have been registered in a number of countries, namely Indonesia, America, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

Plt. Director General of Iptekdikti Institutional Kemenristek/BRIN Dr. Ir. Patdono Suwignjo, M.Eng.Sc added the IIRDI award is given to business or industrial entities that have research and development work units and apply science and technology consistently and continuously. The research results are then used for the development of innovative and competitive products.

“Through this activity, the Ministry of Research and Technology encourages the participation of the business world and industry to play an active role in the implementation of research and development activities, whether carried out alone or in collaboration with other R&D institutions in producing innovative products. The R&D activities in question are R&D activities carried out in Indonesia to generate innovation, mastery of new technologies, and/or technology transfer for industrial development to increase national competitiveness,” said Prof. Bambang in his speech when handing over the IIRDI 2019 award.

DLBS has received a number of awards including the Karya Anak Bangsa Award from the Ministry of Health in 2016, the WIPO Awards given to Dr Raymond Tjandrawinata in 2018 as a form of appreciation to creators, inventors, innovators, and intellectual property activists given by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla.

In the same year in 2018, Dr. Raymond also received the SINTA Awards from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education for his good performance in publications, citations, and journals. The Pharmacovigilance Award for the Domestic Capital Company (PMDN) category from BPOM RI was also received in 2018. The last one was in November 2019 through a DLBS research product, which is one of the original Indonesian modern medicinal products (OMAI) made from natural ingredients, HerbaKOF won the 2019 Halal Award from the Institute for the Study of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI).