Dexa Medica made a breakthrough in Nigeria by launching the country’s first herbal cough medicine, HerbaCough. According to the Country Manager of Dexa Medica Nigeria and West Africa, Mr. Dhanang Anggoro, so far in the country there have been many cough medicines made from chemicals.

“Currently, there are many chemical cough medicines available on the market. However, the many types of cough medicines actually make it difficult for people to find what cough medicine to take,” said Mr. Dhanang at the launch of the HerbaCough product in Lagos, Nigeria, Thursday (6/06/2020). 5/2021) local time.

Dexa Medica as a leading multinational pharmaceutical company, said Mr. Dhanang, is always committed to researching medicines from natural ingredients. HerbaCough was developed from fractions of saga leaves, legundi leaves, the crown of the gods, and ginger.

“Herbacough is processed by an extraction process to look for specific fractions in the form of reconly active substances. Besides having a good taste, cough syrup also functions to relieve coughs, as an anti-inflammatory and also relieves the respiratory tract,” said Mr. Dhanang.

HerbaCough can help relieve various types of coughs, relieve breathing, and warm the throat. “Another problem that causes consumers to worry about choosing cough medicine is that they often have difficulty recognizing the type of cough they have,” added Mr. Dhanang.

To note, cough medicines made from chemicals in Nigeria cause a lot of dependence. Nigerian health expert, Dr Shallom Oni, states that the alcohol content in chemical cough medicines can cause dependence.

“When you’re trying to rid a generation of addictive substances, the starting point is to get rid of their addiction and replace it with something else,” says Dr Shallom.

Dr. Shallom further explained prolonged coughing can indicate symptoms of tuberculosis. People should always consult their health problems when experiencing a prolonged cough. Often Nigerians continue to take cough medicine to deal with prolonged cough.

“This needs to be made aware so that people do not carelessly use cough medicine to treat their illness. The government is trying to raise awareness of tuberculosis, the private sector must also raise awareness about the need to arrive at the hospital early,” said Dr Shallom.

In Indonesia, HerbaCough herbal cough medicine products have been around for a long time under the name HerbaKOF. HerbaKOF is one of the Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI) which helps relieve coughs in families in Indonesia and also in various other countries.