The President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Mr. Joko Widodo appreciated and encouraged the use of Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI) in the National Health Insurance (JKN). This was conveyed during a visit to the Dexa Group booth with the theme OMAI Fitofarmaka at the Business Matching Exhibition for Increasing the Use of Domestic Production (P3DN) which took place at Istora Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Senayan, Wednesday, 15 March 2023.

During a visit to the Dexa Group booth, President Joko Widodo was accompanied by the Indonesian Coordinating Minister (Menko) for Maritime Affairs and Investment Mr. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Indonesian Minister of Industry Mr. Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Pramono Anung, and Head of the Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP) Mr. Hendrar Prihadi. Meanwhile from the Dexa Group, the presence of President Joko Widodo was welcomed by President Director of Argon Group Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, Director of Consumer Health Dexa Medica Mr. Maret Yudianto, and Head of Corporate Communications Dexa Group Mr. Sonny Himawan.

On this occasion, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji said, OMAI are pharmaceutical products derived from nature which are 100% derived from local Indonesian raw materials. Due to the high use of natural Indonesian raw materials, OMAI is a manifestation of the manufacturer’s commitment to building national pharmaceutical independence with products that have high Domestic Component Level (TKDN).

Mr. Krestijanto gave an example of one of them being HerbaAsimor which is produced by Dexa Medica, which is used to improve the quality of breast milk made from katuk leaves, torbangun leaves, and snakehead fish taken from the South Sulawesi region. The high TKDN, which reached 81.9%, made HerbaAsimor included in the e-catalog and is currently one of the commodities in government programs such as stunting prevention.

However, continued Mr. Krestijanto, one of the obstacles to the use of Fitofarmaka OMAI is the Minister of Health Regulation Number 54 of 2018 concerning the Preparation and Implementation of the National Formulary in the Implementation of the Health Insurance Program.

“This Permenkes stated that traditional medicines cannot be prescribed in the JKN program,” said Mr. Krestijanto. Responding to this, President Joko Widodo asked the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Mr. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, to follow up with high TKDN OMAI to enter JKN.

The same thing was conveyed by Mr. Maret Yudianto that OMAI products produced by Dexa Group are products with high TKDN because starting from raw materials, raw material producers, researchers and research processes, development, to distribution come from Indonesia.

Currently, Dexa Group has produced 80% of OMAI phytopharmaca products from 33 phytopharmaca items registered in the BPOM Distribution Permit Number (NIE). Meanwhile, the Standardized Herbal Medicines (OHT) produced by Dexa Group reached 38.4% of the 99 NIE of the BPOM.

At the exhibition, the Dexa Group booth exhibited a number of products with high TKDN which were divided into OMAI, OGB Dexa, as well as Esomeprazole and Omeprazole from Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals.