22 May 2023

Dexa Group, BKKBN, Polri, and IBI Collaborate to Achieve Target to Reduce Stunting Rate to 14% by 2024

The 2022 Indonesian Nutritional Status Survey (SSGI) shows that the national prevalence of stunting has decreased to by 2.8% to 21.6% compared to the previous year. Dexa Group collaborates with the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), the Indonesian National Police (Polri), and the Regional Government (Pemda) of Wonosobo…
21 May 2023

Caring for the Health of the Wonosobo Community, Dexa Group collaborates with the Local Government and the National Police to Hold Health Social Services

Dexa Group in collaboration with the Local Government (pemda) of Wonosobo Regency and the Indonesian National Police (Polri), held social services in the form of free health checks and medical treatment and the inauguration of communal latrines. This social service is intended to support and improve the health of the…
17 May 2023

Dexa Group Supports Health Resilience and Self-Sufficiency, Receiving Three Awards from the Ministry of Health

Dexa Group is committed to supporting government programs to increase the use of domestic pharmaceutical products to achieve health resilience and independence. For this reason, the Ministry of Health presented three awards to Dexa Group at the National Forum for Down Streaming and Increasing the Use of Domestic Pharmaceutical Products…
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